Japan: Homogeneity is their strength

As an argument for flooding America with refugees and immigrants, how many times have you heard the old saw,  diversity is our strength, and want to shout back, who says so?    What is your evidence?  

Last night I had an interesting exchange with a reader who I don’t know.  What follows is his (or her) answer to my question.  With facts and statistics from Japan, the most homogeneous nation on earth,  he confirms what I believe to be true, and puts a lie to  the ‘diversity equals strength’ propaganda we have all swallowed whole. 


Back to Japan, I love the place and respect the people. It is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world, 98.5% of the population are ethnic Japanese and they want to keep it that way. Earlier this year there was a push by their ministry of tourism to abolish the custom of the smaller countryside inns to put up the signs, “No foreigners.” The response was a loud no, they (foreigners) have different customs and tastes and we do not care to accommodate them.

The UN keeps screaming : diversify. Japan keeps saying no, loud and clear. The financial turmoil since the 80’s has had the expected response of a responsible people. They stopped having their families larger than than their pocket book. The birthrate dropped like a stone. That coupled with a superb health system will have a devastating effect on the population, life expectancy for women is 89, for men 83. They have in part responded by ensuring one of the lowest child mortality rates in the world. 2.8%, less than half of that in the US. They have also responded by trying to lure back ethnic Japanese that emigrated in the past, 230,000 have returned from Brazil. One little fly in that ointment, the returnee must provide proof that they have no criminal record.

Japan is one of the most crowded nations in the world, a little smaller than California and a population of 127 million. There is only one way to live in such crowded conditions, it has evolved over generations and that is respect. You always see the Japanese bowing and smiling, they may hate your guts, but it is not proper to show it. When you have one society without influx, without diversity, you have to learn respect.

The original sex crime statistics that blew me out of my socks was for the period 1972-1995. Read them and weep.

1972: 4677 rapes, 85% conviction rate 33% of offenders were under 19
1995: 1500 rapes, 95% conviction rate 9.6% of offenders were under 19

Having fewer rapes, more police resources and better technology pushed the incredible conviction rate, compared to the current 6% of UK right into orbit. I have been unable to find US figures, they are likely similar to the UK. Compare the Japanese decline in rape to Norway and Sweden where, with the introduction of 3rd world immigrants, the rate has quadrupled in the last 25 years.

After that bombshell dropped, I went digging up statistics on the difference between the racist xenophobic homogeneous Japan and that vibrant hub of ethnic, racial and cultural diversity, the late, great USA. Put on your seatbelts.

Most statistics are on a per capita basis or in sheer numbers. In order to present a fairer picture, I have increased the Japanese numbers by 2.36, to even out the population difference, in the figure for car thefts I have reduced the US theft number by 29% to account for the difference in the proliferation of cars. Then I took the US numbers and reduced them all to 100 e.g. for every 100 assaults in the US there are 6 in Japan.
Here goes:

Assault 6
Burglary 32
Murder 9
Youth murder 4
Jailed criminals 8
Rapes 6
Robberies 4
Car theft 16
Police 58

One often hears of the tremendous pressure school children in Japan have and the high suicide rate. I looked that one up, it is for the 15-24 age group 8.6 per 100,000. In the US very few kids hang themselves when they flunk their exams. They do it for drugs or love or depression or because their friends did it, the US rate is 13.7.

Education in Japan is the envy of the world, The US says that the US literacy rate is 99%, same as Japan, yet every paper I open complains about the incredible drop-out rate, inability of most drop-outs to read, I would like to know if the government or the papers are lying. The literacy rate figure comes from the CIA, I know they would never lie. Japan spends 3.5% of its GDP on education versus the US 5.7% . In actual $ amounts, it is $43 for every $100 the US spends.

Throughout the world, the more a community is like everybody else, there is less crime and more respect. When there is less crime there is more prosperity. Not that these communities are perfect, I have just heard a horrifying figure from Japan that would have been unheard of 20 years ago. There are actually, at the last count over 70,000 unmarried mothers in the country.

A decent Police force that is not influenced by any hiring quotas where promotion is only by merit and a justice and jail system that is tough goes a long way in reducing crime. The State department has advisories for visiting most countries, it advises Americans going to Japan if they get caught for drugs they are out of luck, it is solitary, rough, no visitors but consul and lawyer and no time off for good behaviour. It also advises them that if they overstay, Police check ID frequently, not to try that old I lost my passport trick because they have a perfect computer system that keeps track of every visitor entering the country. If only the State Department can go to Japan for some lessons.”


It is a tragedy then for Japan, if it is true as I previously reported, that the United Nations has pressured Japan into taking third world refugees.

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