Alinskyism (Day 5)

More in my continuing series on understanding the Radical Left now in power in Washington.   From “Reveille for Radicals.”

The radical places human rights far above property rights.  He is for universal, free public education and recognizes this as fundamental to the democratic way of life.  He will be for local control but will condemn local abuse of public education–whether it be discrimination or corruption–that denies equal education to anyone, and will insist if necessary upon its correction by national laws and the use of governmental authority to enforce those laws—but at the same time he will bitterly oppose complete federal control of education.

Now, here is my hypothetical on Alinsky’s first sentence.   What if a neighborhood of poor immigrants who happened to own their modest homes were to be condemned to build, say a school.   Would the radical fight for those poor immigrants right to keep their property (property rights!), or stand back and let them lose their homes for the universal good (a free education)?  Or do the radical’s principles shift depending on whose ox is being gored?

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