Jihad on campus — another panel at the Horowitz weekend

David Horowitz was a radical leftist growing up, and played a big role in the new left in the 1960s and 1970s. Unlike most of his fellow radicals he came to his senses and has been one of the most effective fighters on the side of the good for some decades. In fact, one of his goals is to teach how to teach the polite right how to fight.

So instead of putting out academic papers against the jihad, he started an Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week that goes on twice a year at campuses around the country. The theme of October’s Week was stealth jihad, and it exposed the Muslim Student Association (MSA), which poses as a religious-cultural organization, for the radical Islamist group it is — a part of the Muslim Brotherhood. (“Islamist” refers to radical political Islam.)

One of the panels at the Restoration Weekend was about this project. Two very impressive students reported on what happened at their colleges — as usual, the radical Muslims make common cause with the left and try to discredit any criticism of radical Islam as hate speech.

Robert Spencer said the Week’s events exposed the contradiction between the MSA’s public stands and its private statements. He spoke at several campuses about the contradiction between Sharia law, which MSA supports, at least privately, and basic human rights. He introduced students to what Sharia is, and gave examples which shocked the students, such as the death penalty for leaving Islam. The MSA is very threatened by the Awareness Week and makes increasingly elaborate preparations for it, with counter-events and publications.

Robert brought up the issue of hate speech, which is something we are going to be hearing about increasingly under President Barack Obama. He said the Muslim students are constantly playing the hate speech card.  Every criticism of Islam is “hate speech” — even quotes from the Koran, or direct quotes from the materials of the MSA or the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s hateful to expose who they really are, you see.

He went on to talk about the larger threat of “hate speech” laws and rules. Muslim countries are trying to get any criticism of Islam or Muslim countries banned at the UN. So far the U.S. delegation has prevented this, but under Obama the policy could well be different. And we don’t know what is coming down the pike within this country. Canada and some European countries already ban some speech as “hate speech,” and we know how much Obama admires the way Europeans conduct their affairs. (I’m sure Ann and I could be brought up on charges of “hate speech” for what we write here, the definition of it is so broad.)

David Horowitz spoke briefly about the Islamo-Fascism Awareness Weeks. He said the activities, particularly the ads his group places in college newspapers, plant a seed in the students’ minds. During each of the Weeks they reach several million people this way. They are raising awareness and preparing the ground. When there is a terrorist attack, minds change overnight. He said the young conservatives he works with on the campuses are constantly attacked by the left, and have become much more sophisticated and less intimidated. If the two young men on the panel are typical, that’s certainly true. They were self-confident, good speakers, and understood the way the left operates.

Somalis living in luxury thanks to pirates

I had purposefully stayed away from reporting on the politics of Somalia because I didn’t want to get too far afield from the purpose of Refugee Resettlement Watch, but this story from AP today is too juicy to ignore. Entitled, “Somali pirates turn villages into boom towns,” it begins: 

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somalia’s increasingly brazen pirates are building sprawling stone houses, cruising in luxury cars, marrying beautiful women — even hiring caterers to prepare Western-style food for their hostages.

And in an impoverished country where every public institution has crumbled, they have become heroes in the steamy coastal dens they operate from because they are the only real business in town.

“The pirates depend on us, and we benefit from them,” said Sahra Sheik Dahir, a shop owner in Haradhere, the nearest village to where a hijacked Saudi Arabian supertanker carrying $100 million in crude was anchored Wednesday.

These boomtowns are all the more shocking in light of Somalia’s violence and poverty: Radical Islamists control most of the country’s south, meting out lashings and stonings for accused criminals. There has been no effective central government in nearly 20 years, plunging this arid African country into chaos.

So while we hear the lament of people like the woman in St. Paul yesterday, that we need to bring their poor “relatives” to America ASAP, pirates and their villages are rolling in other peoples’ cash.   Maybe the pirates could be persuaded to use their millions to help THEIR OWN PEOPLE!

Who cares if the money is legal or illegal says one recipient of the largesse:

“Regardless of how the money is coming in, legally or illegally, I can say it has started a life in our town,” said Shamso Moalim, a 36-year-old mother of five in Haradhere.

Based on what we have learned about Somali immigration fraud, I suspect this same mindset runs through the whole Somali culture—-who cares if it’s legal or illegal. Oh, but then we are lectured we must have respect for cultural differences!   This one too?

…. towns that once were eroded by years of poverty and chaos are now bustling with restaurants, Land Cruisers and Internet cafes. Residents also use their gains to buy generators — allowing full days of electricity, once an unimaginable luxury in Somalia.

Come to think of it, I guess this piracy is the ultimate redistribution of wealth that our newly elected President seems so eager to bring to America—just accomplished in a tad bit more dramatic way.

Baltimore Iraqi Refugees, a correction and an update

We posted on the unhappy Iraqi refugees in Baltimore on Nov. 5th.  Now, comes a new article with a correction.  It wasn’t the International Rescue Committee that dropped the ball with this group of Iraqi professionals, but Lutheran Social Services.

The family is a client of Lutheran Social Services (LSS), not the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as was originally reported in the story.

However, go back to my original post and note it was an IRC representative who said the Iraqis had “unrealistic expectations.”   I still want to know who gave them those expectations?

I can only surmise that the IRC wanted a correction to the original story so they aren’t linked with this particular unhappy Iraqi.  It was all the fault of LSS.  So how is it that they dropped the ball?

A local “restructuring” of a refugee-resettlement contractor, plus a seasonal influx of refugees, may have contributed to the troubles Iraqi refugees have recently complained about in Baltimore. Their case managers have also faced longer processes for getting them things such as food stamps and I.D. cards, aid workers say.

A “restructuring” eh?   They must have been suspended for past shoddy work.

Susan Gundlach, director for community integration for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, says a “monitoring” of its Baltimore office found problems with the way services were being delivered. “There wasn’t anything glaring,” Gundlach says, but the findings led to a “restriction” on refugee resettlement beginning Aug. 1.

August first,  what a coincidence, I’m wondering if the Lutheran Immigration folks were suspended in August because of this story featured in the Baltimore Sun about a disabled Iraqi refugee not being properly cared for by LSS.   

Reforms needed:

I’m starting to see a pattern.  Refugee contractor makes news that is not the usual happy puff piece, and wham, suspended till they get themselves straightened out.    Don’t you think the State Department could figure out a more efficient system to monitor its 10 big contractors and their nearly 400 subcontractors before the refugees end up in the newspaper.  Or better still, stop contracting unaccountable non-profits in the first place.   Maybe the whole program should be run by a refugee office in each state?

Endnote:  LSS is messing up with its Iraqi refugees in New Hampshire too.