U.S. Treasury submits to Shariah law

Update Nov. 8th:  Watch this informative video about Shariah Finance at Act for America.

Update Nov. 5th:   Coalition to Stop Shariah to hold press conference in Washington DC tomorrow.

Frank Gaffney reports on one sign of a frightening trend. I’ve established a new category, “Stealth Jihad,” to gather all the posts we’ve done on the subject in one place. Gaffney reports in the Washington Times:

The U.S. Treasury Department is submitting to Shariah – the seditious religio-political-legal code authoritative Islam seeks to impose worldwide under a global theocracy.

As reported in this space last week, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Robert Kimmitt set the stage with his recent visit to Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Persian Gulf states. His stated purpose was to promote the recycling of petrodollars in the form of foreign investment here.

Evidently, the price demanded by his hosts is that the U.S. government get with the Islamist financial program. While in Riyadh, Mr. Kimmitt announced: “The U.S. government is currently studying the salient features of Islamic banking to ascertain how far it could be useful in fighting the ongoing world economic crisis.”

“Islamic banking” is a euphemism for a practice better known as “Shariah-Compliant Finance (SFC).” And it turns out that this week the Treasury will be taking officials from various federal agencies literally to school on SFC.

The Treasury Department is holding a seminar on Shariah finance for “the policy community” co-hosted by Harvard University Law School’s Project on Islamic Finance. Harvard has taken a lot of Saudi money, so they are well versed on the Shariah requirements.

Gaffney points out that with the huge takeover of authority by the federal government of banks and other financial institutions, the government is in a position to impose Shariah rules on a large part of the American economy. He also points out that when the Archbishop of Canterbury earlier this year said it was unavoidable that Shariah would be practiced Britain, one reason he gave was that the U.K. was already accomodating itself to Shariah-compliant finance.