Could a few Somali votes make the difference in Minnesota Senate race?

Update Nov. 16th:   It occurred to me today that since we have learned that 80% of Somalis may have entered the US fraudulently, the contested Senate race in Minnesota could be swung one way or another by really what amounts to illegal aliens.

See mention of Somali “hanky-panky” in this NY Times opinion piece.

Background to readers Nov. 10th:   Since so many readers (likely new readers) are checking out this post, for background on where all the Somalis came from go here.    You might also want to know more about Omar Jamal, we have written about him on a number of occasions here.

We told you previously that Somalis in Minnesota were divided over whether to support Senator Norm Coleman or his challenger Al Franken.  Here is the latest on the controversy involving possible illegal activity at one polling place in Minneapolis.   It’s a bit hard to figure out which side is the side of the good guys mostly because Omar Jamal (check back to the Somali Cyanide Death post to learn more) is in the thick of things.

With Norm Coleman’s lead over Al Franken continuing to slip, allegations about vote-influencing at the Brian Coyle Center — a story the Minnesota Independent broke — has resulted in a complaint filed Friday with the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. Omar Jamal of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center says interpreters may have tried to influence Somalis on how to vote some 500 times; he says the interpreters urged voters to cast ballots for Franken. MnIndy’s Molly Priesmeyer spoke with witnesses who told a different story — of a Coleman staffer, Mahamoud Wardere, who was allegedly telling Somali community members to vote for his boss. Franken’s campaign used that fact in its defense: no Franken campaigners were present, while this Coleman Senate aide was.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie says he wants to “hold off” on counting Coyle Center votes until these allegations are sorted out.

Obama’s Aunt Zeituni will fight deportation

There is a tiny mention in yesterday’s Washington Post about how Obama’s illegal alien aunt has hired a lawyer and will fight her four-year-old deportation order.   She is presently with friends in Cleveland.  As soon as I find a link I’ll get it to you. 

If you don’t know about Obama’s impoverished Kenyan Aunt, please read Judy’s previous post here.

Somali immigrants in Britain sending money to extremists who stoned girl

We told you the other day that Islamists had stoned to death a 13-year-old girl in Somalia who had been gang-raped.  Now comes a related story that the Muslim terrorist group involved is being funded by Somali refugees living in Great Britain.

Sums thought to be totalling tens of thousands of pounds a week are being sent to the Shabaab militia, a fundamentalist Islamic group blamed for sentencing a 13-year-old girl to be stoned to death in the southern city of Kismayo.

The article in the Telegraph yesterday goes on:

The brutal punishment was part of the Taliban-style Islamic regime imposed on the city by the Shabaab, who are designated as a terrorist group by the United States and whose leadership was the target of American missile strikes earlier this year.

A London-based Somali community leader has claimed that much of their funding is coming from the country’s diaspora in Britain, many of whom support the groups’ fierce guerrilla war against Somalia’s long-time enemy Ethiopia, which invaded in January 2007.

None of this surprised me.  I had read recently, but didn’t save the link that US Somalis have little money because so much of it (possibly up to a billion US dollars) has left the US in the form of remittances to Somalia.

Radicals love all of humanity, but…..

I told you I’m reading Saul Alinsky.  Please, all of you, read the work that reportedly underpins Obama’s thinking—you will laugh till you cry.  

Alinsky maintains that there are three groups in America:   Conservatives, Liberals and Radicals.

In “Reveille for Radicals” he says of radicals:

“America’s radicals are to be found wherever and whenever America moves close to the fulfillment of its democratic dream.  Whenever America’s hearts are breaking, there American radicals were and are.  America was begun by radicals [the founding father’s were radicals?].   America was built by its radicals. The hope and future of America lies with its radicals [Obama?].

What is the American radical? The radical is that unique person who actually believes what he says. He is that person to whom the common good is the greatest personal value.  He is that person who genuinely and completely believes in mankind [well, except maybe rednecks].  The radical is so completely identified with mankind that he personally shares the pain, the injustices, and the suffering of all [all?] his fellow men.”

Earlier in this chapter he had shown utter disdain for those he called ‘Mr. and Mrs. But’—those liberals and conservatives who say for instance, “I’m not racist, but….”   

I nearly fell out of bed laughing as I read this.  Apparently he sees no hypocrisy in his obvious hatred for conservatives and yes, liberals—a large slice of humanity he clearly doesn’t love.

Radicals love all humankind alright, but, they don’t love the small town conservative citizen who doesn’t want change.   To them those folks are unenlightened boobs (radicals, by contrast, are very intelligent people) who need to be shaken up with immigrant diversity and need introduction to the joys of multiculturalism. 

Radicals need to keep importing diversity so they can have all sorts of diverse people to love and fight for.  Afterall, they don’t love this segment of humanity—the gun-toting, Bible-reading, small town redneck.  (By the way, I use the word ‘redneck’ with the greatest affection.)   Not to mention the fact that radicals hate anyone who challenges their notion that “change,” whatever that is, represents the enlightened position on governance.

So, who is really Mr. But?

I suspect conservatives in leadership positions never took any of this hogwash (radicals love everyone) seriously and now look where we are.    This myth, that radicals love all of humanity and we should too, is incredibly dangerous for our security and we must stand up to it—conservatives must fight back.