Rep Keith Ellison asks Somali immigrants to vote for Al Franken

One of two Members of Congress who are Muslim,  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is rallying the Somali refugee and immigrant community to back Al Franken in his run for the Senate seat from Minnesota.

Mr. Ellison noted that his “1st two years in the congress was just to set the foundations” but that he is now experienced and can move things forward. “I need more friends in the senate and congress … honestly, we are in a good shape this time but I need you to help me get Al Franken elected to the senate” he said.

On the other hand, Rep. Keith Ellison told the crowd that “Sen. Norm Coleman voted with President Bush almost always and that he hasn’t done anything to advance peace in the Middle East or Somalia.”

The article emphasizes that Ellison and presumably Franken if elected will get the US government to do something for Somalia, but frankly I can’t imagine what the US could do to stop the mayhem in that lawless country.  Remember Black Hawk Down!

Funny, it was just a month ago that the Somali community was organizing to support Norm Coleman against Franken.  Fickle are they?

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