Hey, Senator Coleman, you are losing voters because they are killing each other

Update Nov. 7th:   Somali promoting Coleman at the polls?  Or, were both sides illegally promoting their candidates at the polls?    Hat tip:  Blulitespecial

Senator Coleman (R-MN) is getting support for his reelection bid from an unexpected corner—the Somali Muslim vote.   This is from a publication about Somalia called Hirraan On-line.  Hat tip:  Blulitespecial.  It begins with a discussion about how bad Bush and the “neo-cons” are and about how the country is divided, but that the Somali vote could be key to victory in a tight race.

The two parties again this year seem to divide the American electorate in half (Blue states versus Red States), giving communities such as Somali-Americans an important opportunity to tip the balance in their favor.

They like Senator Coleman.  I wonder if he went to bat for them over the State Department’s decision to suspend family reunification from Somalia when DNA testing showed rampant fraud.

Unlike senators from states with large Somali-American communities such as Ohio, Virginia, Maine and others, this senator from Minnesota has been actively and visibly working for Somali-American families in his state on many issues ranging from family reunification challenges to establishing a sound US foreign policy toward Somalia. Senator Coleman, who is a former Democrat turned Republican, is an honorable man who cares deeply about the plight of Somali Americans in his state and an ardent advocate for Somalia.

Although they want “change” (Obama), they say that this one Republican is aok.

Even though there is an overwhelming desire for change in Minnesota and elsewhere in America, we believe that Senator Coleman’s six-year record in the US Senate should outweigh any concerns about his party affiliation.

But, Senator Coleman has lost a few Somali voters in recent months as they seem to be bent on killing each other in what appears to be gang/clan violence.

This seems like a good time to remind readers of the “stealth jihad” which is best exemplified in Minnesota due to the large Somali population in that state.

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