Ft Morgan Times editorial is naive and deceptive

Today the Ft. Morgan Times has an editorial entitled, “Refugees taking root in Ft. Morgan.”   I have read a lot of politically correct, diversity is beautiful, let’s all sing ‘kumbaya’ articles, but this one I’m going to print out and hang by my computer and wait for the day when something happens in Ft. Morgan, CO and I can refer to it again.

Lets take it apart, first this glowing opening about Somali-owned businesses:

It’s great to see a Somali-owned business spring up in Fort Morgan.

Not only do the newcomers need a place to gather, but this represents an investment in the community. Like those who buy property, those who start businesses have a stake in the success of the city. That makes them better citizens and neighbors.

Do the average folks in Ft. Morgan, the ones who can’t get special help, know that  government grants and mortgage deals help refugees establish businesses?

Then this is my favorite part because I think he means us!

Of course, if it were up to some people, Somali refugees would not have a chance to resettle anywhere in the U.S. There is even a Web site devoted to teaching Americans how to chase refugees of various sorts out of town.

This is a kind of insanity, since everyone except Native Americans are immigrants. Unfortunately, it shows the dark, ugly underside of our great country.

If he means us, I am tickled—that would make us the “dark, ugly underside.”  I love it when they call names!   If he knows another website that, as he says, teaches how to “chase” refugees out of town, I’d like to learn about that website.   If he has been to RRW, he clearly hasn’t read much because what we do is chronicle the sides of refugee resettlement, the sides he and the mainstream media ignore in their rush to make themselves feel good.  It is evident that this editor feels good about himself, he is taking on the dark underbelly.

Our position is what we have maintained from the outset— citizens should learn about all aspects (the good is covered every day in the mainstream media) of refugee resettlement in order to make an informed decision about how their community should proceed into the future and what sort of community it will be.  If Ft. Morgan residents want to have hundreds (thousands?) of third world refugees living there, then that is their prerogative.  But, they really ought to be willing to look at all the pros and cons first and this editor wants to make sure only his side is presented.

The misinformation continues:

Refugees are not illegal immigrants. They are carefully screened to keep out terrorists and disease. They have been invited into the country by the U.S. State Department out of the compassion of American hearts.

I don’t have time to re-write over 1000 posts, but right off the top of my head let me point out that one of the Ft. Dix Six was a refugee who was resettled in New Jersey and is now on trial for planning to kill soldiers at the US Army base.  Oh, and then there was that Somali guy found dead in nearby Denver with the jar of cyanide (or was it nothing to have enough cyanide on vacation to kill hundreds?)   Guess these were guys missed in screening.    Also, refugees with TB and HIV are allowed into the US (see our health category).  While you are at the health category check out the many discussions of Somali female genital mutilation. You should know that a Somali refugee died of TB in a Tysons meatpacking plant a year or so ago.

Then surely some of the refugees now flocking to Ft. Morgan are secondary migrants who move from city to city (Somalis are culturally nomadic) following meatpacking jobs,  but last summer (2007) government grants funded a Greeley/Ft. Morgan refugee resettlement office because the US State Department is sending more refugees to your “welcoming” towns.  That is what resettlement offices do!

The Somalis who have moved to Fort Morgan followed the lure of decent pay at the Cargill Meat Solutions beef plant. They were not placed here by some government agency.

I’m getting weary with this, I’ve seen this so many times.  The following three paragraphs indicate trouble is brewing and the Ft. Morgan Times is trying so hard to gloss over whatever is already going on, and to guilt-trip its readers into remaining silent.

Like any group moving to a new area, Somalis have much to learn about the customs and mores of rural Colorado. Fort Morgan Police Chief Keith Kuretich was right to ask refugee officials to do a better job of orienting refugees to our culture. A little better sense of what rural people are all about would help refugees adapt.

Then this (below) is to make you feel not culturally savvy, not worldly, if you question the appropriateness of an immigrant’s behavior.   You will shut up, because who wants to be a bumpkin in the eyes of the smart people!

For instance, if Somalis tend to have relatively large gatherings near their apartments, it helps to know that this is the custom in their culture. They are not loitering or getting together to cause mischief. It is no more unusual than people having a block party or a barbecue.

Nor are they trying to steal something from homeowners if they park in front of a house because there are not enough parking spaces at an apartment building.

Good luck to Ft. Morgan, I’m sure we will be hearing more from you again.

For new readers,  see Somali gang/clan violence in Minneapolis and Seattle.

Hey, Senator Coleman, you are losing voters because they are killing each other

Update Nov. 7th:   Somali promoting Coleman at the polls?  Or, were both sides illegally promoting their candidates at the polls?    Hat tip:  Blulitespecial

Senator Coleman (R-MN) is getting support for his reelection bid from an unexpected corner—the Somali Muslim vote.   This is from a publication about Somalia called Hirraan On-line.  Hat tip:  Blulitespecial.  It begins with a discussion about how bad Bush and the “neo-cons” are and about how the country is divided, but that the Somali vote could be key to victory in a tight race.

The two parties again this year seem to divide the American electorate in half (Blue states versus Red States), giving communities such as Somali-Americans an important opportunity to tip the balance in their favor.

They like Senator Coleman.  I wonder if he went to bat for them over the State Department’s decision to suspend family reunification from Somalia when DNA testing showed rampant fraud.

Unlike senators from states with large Somali-American communities such as Ohio, Virginia, Maine and others, this senator from Minnesota has been actively and visibly working for Somali-American families in his state on many issues ranging from family reunification challenges to establishing a sound US foreign policy toward Somalia. Senator Coleman, who is a former Democrat turned Republican, is an honorable man who cares deeply about the plight of Somali Americans in his state and an ardent advocate for Somalia.

Although they want “change” (Obama), they say that this one Republican is aok.

Even though there is an overwhelming desire for change in Minnesota and elsewhere in America, we believe that Senator Coleman’s six-year record in the US Senate should outweigh any concerns about his party affiliation.

But, Senator Coleman has lost a few Somali voters in recent months as they seem to be bent on killing each other in what appears to be gang/clan violence.

This seems like a good time to remind readers of the “stealth jihad” which is best exemplified in Minnesota due to the large Somali population in that state.

Muslim real estate scam in Chicago

Since the nation is focused on scams involving mortgages, you might be interested to read about this Muslim scammer in Chicago.  From the Chicago Tribune on Sunday:

CHICAGO – Between the prayers that fill the holy month of Ramadan, during the long fasts that stretch from dawn to dusk, Muslims have been meeting in halls, schools and homes to discuss the disappearance of Salman Ibrahim.

The well-respected businessman persuaded up to 200 Pakistani and Indian immigrants to contribute their savings and mortgage their homes to finance real estate deals. Then in August, Ibrahim vanished, leaving investors with losses that could total $50 million — in some cases their life’s savings.

Neighbors described him as a “pious man.”

NJ and Nebraska articles led me to this site…

It is a US Census Bureau site for something called the American Community Survey.  The reporters who wrote the story about South Jersey refugee and immigrant numbers and likewise the story from Omaha Nebraska about the foreign born population in that state relied on the most recent survey from the Census Bureau.

From the NJ article this little nugget jumped out at me:

According to the survey, just under 20 percent of the nationwide population age 5 and older spoke a language other than English at home in 2007, up nearly 2 percent since the 2000 census. For about 12.3 percent, that language is Spanish.

And, the Nebraska article which came on the heels of the Grand Island/Somali/Swift violence began:

The decline in foreign-born Cornhuskers in 2007 was not huge, about 1,000 people. But the reversal after years of growth suggests that Nebraska may be losing its distinction as a new destination for immigrants.

Iowa, by comparison, also a fast-growing immigration state, continued to see an increase in its number foreign-born residents: from an estimated 112,299 to 117,437.

A combination of factors most likely is behind the shift in Nebraska, national and local analysts say, including fewer employment opportunities and a less welcoming atmosphere.

There is that word again—welcoming. Do you think these advocates for open borders and increased immigration attend ‘spin workshops’ where they learn the proper jargon from community organizers?  I guess one starts to become unwelcoming when one sees jobs being lost to immigrants and multicultural violence breaking out as it has in Grand Island between Somali Muslims and every other nationality in that town.