More Somali gang violence in Minneapolis prompts community meeting

Update September 30th:  Another Somali murder today here.

Residents of Ft. Morgan, Greeley, and Grand Island among others, take note:

The Police met with members of the Somali community this week in response to claims by Somalis that the police had not done enough to solve the many recent murders of mostly young Somalis in that city.    But, the Somalis themselves were blamed for “cultural” practices which apparently require silence and not coming forward to authorities with information.  From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Police are frustrated that witnesses aren’t stepping forward. Some Somalis blame cultural divides. Five Somalis have been killed in Minneapolis since December.

In a packed gym at the Brian Coyle Community Center, Somali leaders on Thursday asked members of their own community and police for help in solving recent Somali homicides, including Monday’s fatal shooting outside of the center.

Somali speakers directed their anger at their community for not helping authorities, and at police for not solving the murders.

Several angry Somalis spoke and the police defended their position that they couldn’t solve the murders if no one would talk and report what they saw.   Witnesses are aparently constrained by rules of the clan system of their Somali homeland.

Hassan Mohamud, the imam, or spiritual leader, at the Ali family’s mosque, said some community members said they gave police enough information about Monday’s shooting to warrant an arrest.

He said later that Somalis are conflicted between their Muslim beliefs, social clan rules that say they should protect clan members whether they do good or ill and threats of harm if they talk to police.

The 20-year-old murdered most recently had been in the country since 1991, so would have been a toddler and have only experienced America growing up and not the brutality of Africa.   His father, who attended this meeting, said the first sensible thing I’ve seen in all this coverage we have done of Somali issues:

He said his family fled Somalia in 1991 “and now this bullet has killed my son.” To his people, he added: “We destroyed our land because of the civil war, so I advise them not to destroy this land.”

So jumping now from the sensible to the insane.  Some of the speakers criticized police for not covering the dead man’s face and a dhimmi city councilman said this:

City Council Member Cam Gordon said he will do what he can to help with those requests. In response to Muslim speakers who criticized police for not covering the victim’s face right away, he said the city needs to look at how it handles murder victims’ bodies.

This is the sort of thing that we mean when we talk about assimilating to America.  Can you imagine training police departments on how to handle dead Muslim bodies.   Here is just one small section of those “rules” involving the face:

Seeing the face of the deceased

The face of the deceased should not be left open for everyone to see.

If the deceased is male: Shariat will only allow mahram females to see the face, the mahram females are : wife, mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts, nieces, daughters and grand-daughters.

If the deceased is a female: Shariat will allow only male mahrams to see the face. The male mahrams are as follows: father, grandfather, sons, grandsons, brothers, uncles and nephews.



Can a husband see the face of his deceased wife ?


In the kitaab, Sharhut Tanweer (vol.1 pg. 897), it is stated that a husband is not permitted to give ghusl or touch his deceased wife, but he may see her face.

We previously wrote about Somali gang activity in Minneapolis here.  Hey, come to think of it, where is Omar (Jesse Jackson) Jamal in today’s story?  Any chance he has been deported yet?  See also Somali gang/clan violence in Seattle here.

For new readers, we have resettled over 83,000 Somali refugees in the US in the last 25 years, thanks to the Refugee Resettlement Act of 1980 (Kennedy/Biden) and the US State Department.