British Muslims: we will conquer Britain with babies

I’ve said it before.   The plan is to outbreed us, and just two days ago a group of British Muslims, celebrating 9/11,  said just that about the UK.   The Sun from London is reporting today that it had undercover reporters recording the meeting:

Speaking at a rally marking 9/11, Anjem Choudary bragged that a birth explosion would let followers of Islam take control of the country.

Undercover Sun investigators secretly recorded Choudary telling a young and impressionable audience that they would eventually rule under strict Sharia law.

The mob bayed and cheered as he said: “About 500 people in Britain become Muslim every day.

“The Home Office say there are 1.5million Muslims but there were 1.5million ten years ago. Since then our brothers in Bethnal Green, Whitechapel and other places have had eight or nine children each. Eight children here, ten children, 15 children. There must be at least six million people.

“It may be by pure conversion that Britain will become an Islamic state. We may never need to conquer it from the outside.”

Seems we have two choices:  dismiss this as bragging by a bunch of wackos or take it seriously and begin limiting immigration ourselves.    The second choice seems a safe bet to me.

State Department Briefing on Iraqi refugee numbers is revealing

Update September 14th:  Human Rights First says lets resettle 85,000.

Thanks to a faithful reader for sending me the link to the US State Department’s briefing yesterday that spawned this eye-popping story about how tens of thousands of Iraqis would be coming to the US in the next fiscal year which begins in just a few week (Oct.1).

You can read the transcript here and note there is a film of the press briefing.

I only had a few minutes to skim it, but the huge number of refugees they are discussing is because in addition to the 17,000 normal Iraqi refugees they plan to admit to the US, the Kennedy bill (which we have discussed on several occasions) allows up to 5000 special visas for Iraqis (living inside Iraq, normally refugees are those who have left the country) each year.  Since we only took a few hundred of those this past year, apparently we can go back and fill last year’s quota and add it to the FY’09 allotment—thus bringing the number to the tens of thousands Foley says in this briefing.

Here is what I reported yesterday.  May have more later.  I did notice in my skimming through the briefing that no one asked how many refugees were rejected because of links to terrorism.

Oh, and not once in this politically correct briefing was the word Christian used.  No one asked and no one volunteered any information about the truly persecuted Christians or for that matter any of the persecuted minorities.

Egyptian policy: shoot African refugees

The Washington Post reports:

Egyptian security forces are killing an increasing number of Darfurian refugees and other African migrants attempting to cross from Egypt’s Sinai desert into Israel in pursuit of jobs and a better life, according to refugees, human rights groups and the Egyptian government.

Since the first recorded border killing in the summer of 2007, when Egyptian authorities announced a live-fire policy on the Sinai border, Egyptian security forces have shot dead at least 28 migrants as they left Egypt for Israel, the rights group Amnesty International said Thursday. Of those, the group said, 23 have been killed since January.

The shootings are illegal under international law because the refugees pose no threat, for the most part.

Refugee advocates blame Israel and the United States. Israel has been inundated with refugees from Africa, as we reported in February (Israel is overwhelmed with African refugees). It’s a tiny country, and has taken in thousands of refugees from Africa but can’t continue to accept the massive number that is trying to come in. So Israel asked Egypt to stop the flow into Israel. The article says that pressure, from Israel and the U.S. “led the Egyption government to adopt its live-fire policy — an assertion Israeli and U.S. officials deny.”  Well, neither Israel nor the U.S. permits its forces to fire on migrants coming in illegally, so it’s highly unlikely they would have encouraged Egypt to shoot refugees. But never mind, everything is the fault of Israel and the United States.

Meatpackers recruit refugees, no, you are kidding!

Update September 15th:   Chris Coen of Friends of Refugees, who legitimately watches out for the well-being of refugees by keeping an eye on volags (non-profit government contractors), the State Department, and others in the refugee resettlement industry, left the following comment to this Chicago article:

Has anyone asked why 17 refugees are living crammed into a three-bedroom apartment in Chicago’s North Side? Although Dr. Ed Silverman who heads Illinois’s Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Services claims not to like Tyson recruiting Burmese to leave Chicago, what is he doing to help refugees in Chicago find jobs that can support their families? Does he have any concern for refugees living in squalid, cramped conditions? It has been my experience that Dr. Silverman advocates for as many refugees as he can get into Chicago irrespective of the number of jobs that can support them, or the complete lack of appropriately sized and affordable apartments in Chicago that are available for these families. Christopher Coen Friends of Refugees Minneapolis

Learn more about how Friends of Refugees came into existence—in Chicago of all places here.


Here is an article from Chicago about how meatpackers across the country are now recruiting refugees.  If you have been following this blog for the last year, you are probably scratching your head and wondering why this is news.  

The differance in this story though is that Tyson’s, and others probably, are now recruiting Burmese Karen Christian workers (no religious accommodation demands!)  and some refugee resettlement advocates are expressing concern for the well-being of those newest refugees desparate for work.

A lot of the meat and poultry on U.S. dinner tables is cut and packaged by undocumented immigrants. But federal enforcement is shaking things up. Many packinghouses are turning to a different pool of cheap laborers. These workers have immigration papers. They’re war refugees. In Chicago, Arkansas-based Tyson Foods has been recruiting Burmese refugees to work in plants as far away as Kansas. The Burmese desperately need jobs. But it’s not clear they know what they’re getting in to.

Read the whole story, which by the way mentions meatpackers first recruiting Somalis and Bosnians, and consider that we are bringing one and a half million immigrants into the US each year, so no wonder unemployment is climbing.  It is the elephant in the living room that neither Presidential campaign acknowledges.

More on Somali community organizing and demonstrating at the RNC convention

I told you the other day that Somalis came to demonstrate at the RNC Convention in Minnesota recently (I now take back my expression of sympathy toward the Somalis in that post).  Here is another article about how they got organized for that demonstration and then how they are influencing the elections in Minnesota.

Before you read the article I’ve linked here,  be sure to read the post yesterday from Avi about the stealth jihad in Minnesota.

This is the last paragraph of the Mshale article:

The protest and the call to Minnesotan legislators to engage in Somali domestic and international affairs could not have come at a better time. Political candidates such as Senator Norm Coleman, Representative Keith Ellison, and others are seeking the votes of the Somali community here in Minnesota. Somalis are credited in electing to the U.S. Congress the first Muslim American, Rep. Ellison of Minnesota. Additionally, Somalis in Minnesota were the first to question and challenge their government, the U.S. government, about its involvement in their native country by organizing huge demonstrations and forums last winter.