Somalis protest against Swift today, newspapers cover-up violence

Update September 11th:   Over 100 workers fired!

Update September 10th:   Talks break down.

Update September 9th:  You must see this!

Blulitespecial just sent a couple of updates from Greeley today.   According to the Tribune, about 100 Somalis met at the park and planned to march to the Swift plant and protest “peacefully”, unlike Friday when there were reports that they rampaged in the plant when told they could not have their break when they wanted it.   For background see my posts yesterday here and here.

More than 100 Muslim workers planned to march a couple miles to a Greeley meatpacking plant Monday afternoon in protest of what they called JBS Swift & Co.’s sudden reversal of accommodation for their religious fasting.

The workers, mostly Somalis but also from several other East African nations, said they were told by Swift management on Friday not to report to work Monday until the matter of changed break times to accommodate their fasts was settled.

It is really outrageous, here is what the Tribune is saying happened on Friday night when others say there was destruction of property and injuries.  

On Friday, about 350 Muslim workers left work mid-shift — about 9:30 p.m. — when they were told they were not to break at 7:30 p.m. when their roughly 12 hours of daily fasting for Ramadan ended.

A reader at Jihad Watch who lives nearby and had a firsthand report of the incident says there was violence.   AND, a commenter at the Tribune reported the same thing late yesterday, but that comment seems now to have been removed.    Should have grabbed that comment when I first saw it.

So, if it was no big deal and they just walked off the line, then why were so many fired?   Who is the paper covering for?  Or, have they gone completely insane with political correctness in Greeley?   See Vanishing American on fear here.

Mohammed Osman, a Swift worker and one of the Somalis gathering in a downtown Greeley park Monday morning, said the company fired 10 to 15 Muslim employees on Friday. He said three female Muslim workers were also let go after they went into an employee locker room at about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Wow! now walking into a locker room, that is a firing offense!   Something else happened here for that many to be fired.

See also that the Rocky Mountain News reported on the “peaceful” march today but not a word there either about violence on Friday.  Check out the photo.

So when will CAIR be on the scene?

The Love and Peace crowd scare Somalis at RNC rally

I must say that a post at a blog called “The Adventures of Johnny Northside” made me feel sorry for the Somalis.  These wacky Leftists obviously pressured this group of immigrants to march in protest of the Iraq war at the Republican National Convention last week.

If you have ever seen these nuts in person (not the Somalis) but the ‘moonbats’ you would know why these fundamentalist Muslims must have been freaked.  The blogger here thinks it’s about the police (maybe it is a little especially if not all the Somalis are legal), but the anti-war crowd is a conglomeration of really looney looking people.  I saw them twice in DC in the last couple of years when I was with the Gathering of Eagles.

The protesters cover their faces with masks (ghoulish ones with fangs and such), dress in garrish costumes, and if it’s warm enough are sometimes half naked.  They wear devil masks, and have horns and tails.  One guy had a pig’s corkscrew tail on his butt (wonder what the Muslims think about that since pigs rank right up there with dogs as dirty).  And they generally march to the beat of a 5 gallon plastic bucket on which they bang with a spoon. 

Anyway, here is Johnny’s description of the Somalis:

It seemed like several folks at the September 1 anti-war rally were looking for the Somali group, trying to find them, wondering where they were. The Somalis finally arrived, together, and it seemed like they made a point of staying together. Their faces had an uncertain, worried look, but…

…there they were. Funny how the sight of the Somalian flag doesn’t make certain folks all livid, unlike (oh, gee) the Mexican flag.

In the first moments after I saw the Somalis arrive, a guy walked up to this woman and casually gave her “know your rights” material, trying to speak loudly above the crowd noise, speaking MORE loudly because he thinks she will UNDERSTAND him better, and saying the material is, “In CASE you are DETAINED by the POLICE.”

“Detained? Police?” she asked, in a thick accent, face full of worry.

There is more here.   It apparently didn’t matter that the Somalis were uncomfortable, the moonbats needed them for the anti-war march—afterall they are Muslim status symbols for the the peace and love crowd.  Real sensitive aren’t they?

Another brilliant post by Vanishing American: conservatives must be brave now

Last week, I posted here on an article by Vanishing American, and today you must read his post entitled “Nothing to fear…..”    It begins with a discussion about a comment thread at Gates of Vienna, where even ‘our folks’ couch their words in obvious fear (of what? of whom?).    

This is just a small portion near the end:

We have to find ways to get across to our fellow ‘conservatives’ who are still somewhat under the PC spell that this is no time to worry about little niceties like whether we hurt somebody’s feelings — especially when those somebodies have not the least regard for our feelings — or whether we look like ‘bigots’ to someone else, or whether someone calls us a name.

It’s painfully obvious that these ‘conservatives’ absolutely don’t see the direness of our situation; they seem to think that in being polite and fair and considerate and ‘tolerant’, we will somehow deflect what is coming our way. They just don’t see, can’t see, or just plain refuse to see that our house is on fire, and this is not the time to worry about being genteel and inoffensive. It’s not the time to show our magnanimity and our good nature by deferring to the enemies in our midst. Worrying about political incorrectness on our side is absurd at this late hour.

As I argued in a couple of posts before, there is a time for anger and yes, even a time for hate. That last phrase is in the Book of Ecclesiastes. And yet so many people today want to be holier than God himself and disclaim hate or even righteous anger. And what we are talking about does not even fall under the true definition of ‘hate’, a word which by the way has been overused and abused by the left. What is being called ‘hate’ all too often is merely a speaking of unflattering truths, or in some cases, an expression of righteous wrath at the wrongs being inflicted on us. It is an expression of outrage at the injustices which are multiplying every day. It’s a cry of protest against the invasion of our country, the criminalization of free speech, the loss of our rights, and the loss of our homes. Are we to be silenced even in the face of those things?


To the politically correct among us, what are you afraid of? Us? Yourselves? The Other?
As for me, I’m only afraid that we will go gently and politically correctly into that good night.
I don’t welcome the dying of the light, and as long as there is breath in me, I will rage against it.

Could this be why we are so inspired by Sarah Palin—her fearlessness, her unabashed disregard for political correctness.   Maybe God has granted us a ‘Joan of Arc’ of sorts, a leader we can stand with as she (with our help) rages against the dark.

Read the whole post at Vanishing American.  I wish I could write like that!

Crime up in Postville with influx of strangers

Update September 22nd:  More on how Postville is changing.

Little Postville, Iowa is getting an additional police officer since crime is on the rise in that town.  Postville, you recall, is the home of Agriprocessors—a meatpacking plant raided in May by ICE where almost 400 illegal aliens were employed.   (Hat tip:  Blulitespecial)

Agriprocessors sent out the word that it needed workers and the town was flooded by assorted immigrants and refugees, mostly Somalis.   See an earlier post here which shows how these meat packing companies disrupt towns.

Yesterday the Des Moines Register reported that the town needs more police:

Postville Police Chief Michael Halse says the workers who have come to replace those picked up in the raid are temporary. He says he doesn’t know their backgrounds or where they came from.

Halse says he hopes life will return to the way it was before the raid, but predicted that normalcy could be years away.

Dramatic proposal in the UK to cut immigration

While I slept Blulitespecial was busy doing my work for me by finding all sorts of important stories to share with you.  Hat tip to him again!

Barack Obama went to Europe and said if he were elected President he would make America more like Europe.   O.K. Barack does that mean you would drastically cut immigration like one country after another is attempting to do in Europe?  We’ve told you about France and Italy and just a couple days ago we heard that Spain is following suit.   And, now the UK.  Wow!

The Telegraph is reporting today that a plan to balance the number of immigrants with the number leaving the country has been proposed.

A cross-party parliamentary group – the first to tackle such a politically divisive issue – says net immigration must be reduced to zero, with the numbers arriving balanced by those leaving.

The group hopes this will stabilise the swelling UK population and reduce pressure on public services at a time when immigrants are entering at the highest rate in recorded history.

“We strongly believe we must ease the pressures that immigration is placing on our public services, environment and, indeed, on the cohesion of our society,” it says in a report, Balanced Migration.

Just like the United States the UK is expecting a population explosion, fueled exclusively by immigration, over the next 30 years putting huge demands on jobs, housing, schools and the environment with the brunt of the pain inflicted on the country’s poor.

In April, the Lords’ economic affairs committee labelled official statistics on migration “seriously inadequate” and concluded immigrants are not needed to fill labour shortages or help fund the state pension for retiring Britons.

Immigrants were found to have an “important economic impact” on public services, with some schools struggling to cope with the number of children who do not speak English as a first language.

Lowly paid Britons are being priced out of work and millions face being unable to afford a house.

Government statistics show in the past decade 2.5 million people have arrived in the UK, while only three quarters of a million have left.

The UK’s population is set to soar from 60 million to close to 80 million by the middle of the century, making it the most populous nation in Europe.

Figures suggest Britain will need seven new cities the size of Birmingham to house the growing population by 2031.

Again, hint to John McCain, it’s time to change your mind on immigration.   We don’t actually know where our statistics are, but I will bet the US numbers would come close to this British poll on the subject of immigration.

A poll released to coincide with the proposal found eighty one per cent of Labour voters and 89 per cent of Conservative voters favoured substantial cuts in immigration.

Immigration is the elephant in the living room.    It is the issue directly related to the environment, jobs, crime, terrorism, poverty, cultural conflicts, and education.    We ignore that elephant every day at our peril.