Socialist Spain dramatically reducing immigration

Spain is following Italy now with plans to sharply reduce immigration.  It wasn’t so long ago that Italy was being chastised for its racist-xenophobic-bigoted hatefulness when it cracked down on immigrants in Italy.   Now, Socialist-ruled Spain is jumping on the bandwagon.

Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who announced an amnesty to about 700,000 illegal immigrants soon after he took office in 2004, has done a U-turn on immigration since winning re-election.

Turns out that unemployment is going through the roof:

Spain, facing rapidly rising unemployment, will stop issuing visas to most migrant workers, the government said on Thursday.

Even that most sacred immigration strategy, family reunification, is going to be curtailed:

The measure follows another decision to restrict family reunion visas, which the government had said would cut immigration by 40 percent.

I wonder if they did some DNA testing as France has done, and more recently we have done, and found these folks aren’t really related.

I bet they also figured out that you couldn’t have open borders and a welfare state without sinking the country.

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