Mortgage Monsters meet the Immigration Invasion

That is the title of a 2004 (yes! 2004, that’s right 2004)) article by Thomas Allen at VDARE.  When I read this just now, hours after Congress thankfully voted NO on the big bailout, I got angrier then I’ve been for a week about all this stuff going down in Washington.  If Mr. Allen, just a regular American citizen, had seen the writing on the wall in 2004, yes, 2004, then why the big surprise by the entire Washington/Wall Street establishment.

How did we get into this “crisis?”    Immigration stupid! 

This is how Allen begins his prophetic article: 

George W. Bush boasted in his radio address last weekend about how his Administration is boosting homeownership among what he called “minorities.” He even concluded with a heart-warming account of his meeting with an Hispanic single mom,” who gratefully told him the fact that she and her “girls” could afford a home, with the help of a federal homeownership program, was “a miracle.”

 It’s not a miracle, of course. It’s just a massive subsidy from the American taxpayer—through Government-Sponsored Entities (GSEs in Washington jargon) whose possible instability, as a matter of fact, is attracting increasing concern in financial circles. And it’s a subsidy that, to a remarkably unreported degree, goes to immigrants.

The government-sponsored entities are the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac). Together with another GSE, the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBs), they directly or indirectly stand behind $4 trillion in mortgages—three-quarters of the single-family mortgages in the U.S.

Read it all here.   I’m going to go be sick….

…..and I’m filing this in our CRIMES category.

We are in deep trouble: two must-read articles

Two articles brought to my attention yesterday confirm to me that we are at a crisis point in American history and indeed world history.   I warn you, they are both depressing, but don’t let them send you to bed with a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, use them to inspire you to work harder to save the country and our form of government—the one we know and love.  

What connection do they have to refugees you ask.  Immigration generally and the swamping of western civilization and democracy by immigrants especially those from Muslim countries who refuse to assimilate and place huge demands on our welfare system are integral to victory for the radical left, and it is integral to the establishment of Sharia law.    The proponents of Sharia law and of socialism have joined hands to defeat democracy and capitalism and great strides have been made toward that end in recent months.

[By the way,  I saw this personally at a demonstration in Washington last year.  I remember being shocked when it sunk in to me that the Muslim American Society was actually co-sponsoring the anti-war demonstration of the communist group ANSWER.  And, I wondered too which of those would win out once they had wiped us out—the half naked atheists or the fundamental Islamists—in this classic case of joining forces to conquer a common enemy, democracy.    It’s no contest really, once the proponents of Sharia Law have a firm foothold, they will annihilate the decadent communist anarchists of the far left, with the same passion they brutally threw the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan.  Radical Muslims hate atheists even more than Christians or Jews, if that is possible.] 

But I digress, back to these two important articles.  The first is from the American Thinker by James Simpson entitled “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.”    In it the author describes the strategy of the radical left with Obama as a key player in pushing socialism deeper into the fabric of our government.  This awful bailout plan we are witnessing today is used as an example.

The other article is really a speech by Dutch legislator Geert Wilders the director of Fitna.   The speech, given in New York last week, says America will be the last man standing as Europe may already be too far gone.  Swamped by Muslim immigrants, the continent may be beyond saving and America will be the last bastion of democracy and western civilization.  Read Wilders speech at Jihad Watch.   See him on the Glenn Beck show here and note he calls Muslim immigrants to Europe “colonizers.”

And then get to work!