Violence increases in Grand Island between Somali and Sudanese refugees

Update:  Here is another story about the violence in the apartment complex housing African immigrants in Grand Island.

The apartments may look quiet during the day, but residents say come dark, they’re a dangerous place to be.


Now, before you read this post, please go back and first read about what is happening in Greece (here) where these two longtime African enemies are slaughtering each other with machetes on the streets of Athens.    And, just think about what we have imported.

Apparently the mostly Christian (according to news accounts) Sudanese are in an apartment complex just across a parking lot from the building housing the Muslim Somalis and violence has been on the rise ever since the tensions escalated at the Swift & Co plant in that town.  From the Grand Island Independent:

Two group attacks were reported in the past week in two neighboring east Grand Island apartment complexes in what appears to be a case of retaliatory violence.

In the first, a Somali man reported being beaten Thursday morning by a group of Sudanese men outside his apartment on Yund Street.

In the second, a Sudanese man reported being beaten Sunday morning by a group of Somali men on the stairs leading up to his apartment on Sutherland Street.

The two assaults were part of more than two dozen calls to those two apartment complexes over the past several days, said Capt. Robert Falldorf of the Grand Island Police Department.

“It’s pretty much been an every-night deal,” Falldorf said.

Falldorf said he doesn’t believe the incidents were related to the ongoing dispute over time for prayer at the JBS Swift & Co. plant in Grand Island.

Kind of coincidental then isn’t it, that the violence is on the rise in the time since the Sudanese refused to go along with the Somalis in their demand for special religious accommodations at Swift.

A report from the local TV station says violence is on the rise since the protests at Swift.

Grand Island police say altercations have increased between Somalians and Sudanese at a G.I. apartment complex since protests began at JBS Swift.


Authorities say before the protests, fights between the two groups were much less frequent.

I wish I could find one of those do-gooder speeches at this moment—you know the speeches where we are lectured about how diversity enriches our lives and our communities, and anyone who doesn’t know that is a racist xenophobic hatemonger.    The do-gooders must think that America has some magical power—one step on American soil and a meatpacking job is like a magic wand that will erase centuries of African hatred.

This story thanks to our chief research associate, Blulitespecial, who must be up from his siesta.

Japan to begin refugee resettlement and ‘I would like to meet Somalis’

One of the many stories that just passed me by (I saw it but wasn’t moved to write about it) is that Japan has agreed to begin a refugee resettlement program.  One of the most generous nations in making financial contributions to humanitarian causes around the world,  Japan has taken very few refugees until now.  They have recently been guilt-tripped into changing their policy on refugees by the UN and other nations.

Behind Tokyo’s shift in its refugee policy is the view spreading in the government and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party that Japan will have to accept more refugees to fulfill its humanitarian responsibility as a member of the international community. In addition, Japan has to increasingly depend on foreign people for labor as the population ages and the birthrate remains low.

Some analysts have voiced concern that the government will select only refugees who are easy to accept in the screening process.

Doesn’t that last make sense to you!   Would you go out of your way to take refugees that are not easy?  Would you purposefully go around picking out the troublemakers and the hard to assimilate.  Well, yes, some countries do.   We do!  

And, so what finally inspired me to write about Japan was this post from an incredibly naive Japanese blogger writing about Somalis in the most simplistic and uninformed way.  The only other reasonable explanation for what he says is that the whole post is a joke.

He wants to meet Somalis and thinks they would get along swimmingly in Japan.  You would think this line in which he jokes about Somalis coming car shopping might have given him a tip.

……second hand car buyers from the Somali region visit Japan and sometimes ask us about Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Hilux. One of the buyers jokingly told me that the rebels would buy these cars and cut off the roof of the car to mount machine guns!

But, no, here is some of this incredible post about Japan welcoming Somalis:

In a nutshell, Japan may seem too far and too different from the Somali region. This is certainly true but there are good things as well. One day if Japanese and Somali meet, we can probably be good friends. Why? This is because Japan is not like typical Western countries where Somalis can get insulted because of their country of origin or religious belief (this is what I hear). Japan has very limited relations with Africa as a whole and there are few Africans in Japan and almost no immigrants. Believe it or not, Africans in general are warmly welcome here. People here will even say to you, ‘Welcome! You travelled all the way from Africa. Thank you for coming!’ This means that there will be no barrier to the initial contact.

Moreover Japan is certainly not a Muslim country but almost all Muslims who visit Japan say Japan is a more Muslim country than any other ‘officially’ Muslim country. This is because of its cleanliness and the way people behave in public places, according to Muslim visitors to Japan. Also most of Japanese people are not familiar with Islam and so do not discriminate against Muslims; they can be curious but do not offend you. Why not come to see it for yourself? I am afraid there is no khat to chew available but there are masjids and Halal food shops in the major cities of Japan, including our city!
We are very far apart but I am one of the few in Japan, thinking of Somali people all the time, hoping others will also know about Somali-related issues! We Japanese and Somalis will meet in the near future!

No doubt, you probably will.    Dear Japan, if this guy is serious, and represents the thinking of the Japanese people, before you do meet, use our search function and type in the word ‘Somali’ and know what you are getting into.

Note to readers, when you visit this Japanese blog notice this link he has in the upper lefthand corner, entitled “Somali Parliment Chair Fight”.  Makes me wonder if his whole blog post is a spoof!

U.S. attorney general orders asylum for victim of female genital mutilation

CNN reports:

The U.S. attorney general is trying to prevent immigration authorities from sending a Muslim woman to her home country, where she was a victim of female genital mutilation.

In a stinging order overriding federal immigration courts, Mukasey blasted a decision that said a 28-year-old citizen and native of Mali should be expelled “because her genitalia already had been mutilated [so] she had no basis to fear future persecution if returned to her home country.”

Calling the rationale “flawed,” Mukasey sent the case back to the Board of Immigration Appeals with orders to reconsider.

The woman, a native of Mali, begged the court not to send her back to her Bambara tribe.

The 28-year-old said if she returned and had a daughter, the child also would be subject to mutilation. The woman also said she faced forced marriage if she had to go home.

Several members of Congress —  Reps. John Conyers, Zoe Lofgren and Sen. Patrick Leahy — had asked Mukasey to look into the matter after the court’s decision last January.

“Female genital mutilation is a gross violation of a woman’s human rights and has traditionally been grounds for the granting of an asylum claim,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-California, said in the letter.

This is always an easy call for government officials, who find the idea of genital mutilation stomach-turning, as any normal person would. The trouble is that the practice is widespread in certain countries of Africa and the Middle East. Any woman who makes it to America from such a country is therefore likely to get asylum. As with every refugee and asylum question, are we prepared to take all the women who want to come to America from these countries? NGOs and the UN are working in Africa to end the practice, with reported success. (Funny, I don’t hear about them working in the Arab countries of the Middle East. Maybe they wouldn’t get such an easy reception there.) If the members of Congress are really concerned about female genital mutilation, they should be supporting these efforts.

Hat tip to Bluelite Special. 

Immigration slows as the economy slows and laws are enforced

The Census Bureau reports a dramatic slowdown in the number of immigrants coming to the United States last year, says an AP article:

The nation added about a half million immigrants in 2007, down from more than 1.8 million the year before, according to estimates being released Tuesday by the Census Bureau.

It goes on to say that the U.S. has added an average of about a million immigrants a year since 1990, legal and illegal. It doesn’t say if the number of immigrants tracked with the strength of the economy during those years. I don’t recall hearing of such an effect, just that the number has been rising in recent years. The drop is far more dramatic than the slowdown in the economy, which wasn’t much in 2007. So I conclude that it was indeed the enforcement of immigration laws that has caused most of the drop.

I’ll bet it was also the strong message sent with the defeat of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill in mid-2007, when grassroots Americans overcame the efforts of elitists of both parties to give amnesty to illegal aliens and otherwise encourage more immigration.

But no matter how slow the economy, you can be sure that the refugee agencies and their friends in Congress will keep the refugees coming.

Fear growing: Russia to be a Muslim nation in our lifetimes

Right on the heels of the post I just wrote about the graying of Europe comes this story about Russia.

The Muslim population could outnumber ethnic Russians within 30 years.

Then here, uttered by some brave immigration activist in Russia is the truth that the worshipers of multiculturalism refuse to see:

Many ethnic Russians are terrified at the prospect of becoming a minority in their own country.

Alexander Belov, from the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, said: “History is a fight between races and religions.

“It’s the law of nature … people are used to being with people like themselves, speaking the language their mothers taught them.”

Read it all, it is fascinating (and frightening).  Imagine Russia a Muslim-dominated nation.