What the heck, it could be worse!

O.K. lets just count our lucky stars.   At least we aren’t in Greece.   In Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE all we have so far is a culture clash over break times at slaughter houses and the only thing slaughtered to date are the cattle (when the workers are actually working and not protesting).    And, what the heck the worst we have heard so far are claims that Somalis were kicked while praying right in the middle of the processing line, and breasts were fondled while prostrating women were removed from the locker room. 

But, as I said, it could be worse.  We could be in Athens, Greece where slaughtering has reached a new level according to this report:

It was a bloody afternoon as machetes, axes and cutlasses swung from every corner leaving pieces of flesh and puddles of blood on the streets of Omonia in Athens Greece. The Sudanese and Somalians shocked the greek community to their very bones as they killed each other with reckless crudity. It was a scene that could have easily beffited the 3rd Century when barbarism was at its peak.

It wasn’t the 3rd Century, it was last week, and it goes on:

The Somalians and Sudanese in Greece are notorious for their drug dealings and Omonia is where they base. Both communities have shared the territory peacefully and dealt their custom mutually until last week.

Trouble began when more and more drug addicts began to take their customs to the Somalian side of the dangerous Omonia area to the probable envy of the Sudanese dealers. As the trend continued, the Sudanese asked the Somalians to leave Omonia. Their odacious demand must have offended the Somalis so much that they returned the request with action.

That Afternoon, as business went on, the Somalians appeared in the Sudanese occupied area of Omonia in a cohort, armed with machetes, axes, clubs and cutlasses. Their Sudanese counterparts soon armed themselves in defence and the bloody and barbaric altercation ensued. They cut, axed and chopped themselves to shreds.

Then the author goes on to say, what a bummer, these actions “nourish racism.”   I should have known, it’s always about racism.

The Greeks were left to curse the hearts and reasoning of Africans as the fighting gave them more grounds to build on their racism, prejudices and xenophobia.

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