Violence against Sudanese refugees in Maine is growing

Update September 11th:  More on the murder of this Christian Sudanese man

Portland, Maine has the largest population of mostly Christian refugees from the Sudan in the US according to various news accounts, but recently that community has been the focus of violent crime activity. 

Here is an article just yesterday about another murder of a Sudanese man, a long-time resident, in that city:

PORTLAND, Maine—City officials sought Tuesday to reassure members of the Sudanese community who said they no longer feel safe following the fatal shooting of a hospital security officer whose family came from Sudan to Portland in 1995.

Representatives of the Sudanese Community Association of Maine met with the mayor, city manager and police chief after delivering a letter that stated its members are living in fear following a number of violent acts targeting Sudanese people.

Sudanese residents feel let down by the lack of communication that has “created fear in supposedly our new home of hope,” the letter said.

James Angelo Okot, 27, was gunned down early Sunday in the parking lot of Mercy Hospital. Police were searching for two assailants.

Read on, he was not the first to die.

To learn about the Islamization of Sudan and the reason why many Christian Sudanese came to to the US  go here.

Greeley Tribune in the tank for the Somalis!

Update September 11th:   Over 100 workers fired!

Update September 10th:   Talks break down.

Update:   Here is today’s editorial at the Tribune, they just don’t get it.

Thanks to Patrick at VDARE here is part of the explanation about why the Tribune newspaper in Greeley, CO may be covering up the violence by Somalis at the Swift plant on Friday evening.   The paper editorialized just a few months ago about how great the Somali refugees are for Greeley.    What is that expression people use on the internet about rolling on the floor laughing—well that is me at the moment.

The Somalis, like refugees from varied backgrounds before them, have come to Greeley for the opportunities it offers. Their presence, however, is not just about opportunities for them, it is also an opportunity for all of us. It is an opportunity to grow and expand our world. The essential strength of America is the country’s ability to embrace the best of many cultures.

While the customs that come from half a world away can seem scary, they will — like the customs of the Russian-Germans a century ago — enrich our lives. The Somali, and other East African, refugees that represent Greeley’s first distinct immigration wave of the 21st century are fully documented, legal workers. They deserve all the opportunities they get.

And then this:

We are glad — and honored — that Greeley can give people who have survived so much an excellent place to live.

Read it all here and join me on the floor.

A few minutes later:  I’m not laughing anymore as I contemplate how awful it is that our government (US State Department) joined forces with these giant meat packers to import African Muslim cheap labor.  Then aided and abetted by dhimmi newspaper editors like the one at the Greeley Tribune, our communities will be changed forever.