Somalis protest against Swift today, newspapers cover-up violence

Update September 11th:   Over 100 workers fired!

Update September 10th:   Talks break down.

Update September 9th:  You must see this!

Blulitespecial just sent a couple of updates from Greeley today.   According to the Tribune, about 100 Somalis met at the park and planned to march to the Swift plant and protest “peacefully”, unlike Friday when there were reports that they rampaged in the plant when told they could not have their break when they wanted it.   For background see my posts yesterday here and here.

More than 100 Muslim workers planned to march a couple miles to a Greeley meatpacking plant Monday afternoon in protest of what they called JBS Swift & Co.’s sudden reversal of accommodation for their religious fasting.

The workers, mostly Somalis but also from several other East African nations, said they were told by Swift management on Friday not to report to work Monday until the matter of changed break times to accommodate their fasts was settled.

It is really outrageous, here is what the Tribune is saying happened on Friday night when others say there was destruction of property and injuries.  

On Friday, about 350 Muslim workers left work mid-shift — about 9:30 p.m. — when they were told they were not to break at 7:30 p.m. when their roughly 12 hours of daily fasting for Ramadan ended.

A reader at Jihad Watch who lives nearby and had a firsthand report of the incident says there was violence.   AND, a commenter at the Tribune reported the same thing late yesterday, but that comment seems now to have been removed.    Should have grabbed that comment when I first saw it.

So, if it was no big deal and they just walked off the line, then why were so many fired?   Who is the paper covering for?  Or, have they gone completely insane with political correctness in Greeley?   See Vanishing American on fear here.

Mohammed Osman, a Swift worker and one of the Somalis gathering in a downtown Greeley park Monday morning, said the company fired 10 to 15 Muslim employees on Friday. He said three female Muslim workers were also let go after they went into an employee locker room at about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Wow! now walking into a locker room, that is a firing offense!   Something else happened here for that many to be fired.

See also that the Rocky Mountain News reported on the “peaceful” march today but not a word there either about violence on Friday.  Check out the photo.

So when will CAIR be on the scene?

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