Another brilliant post by Vanishing American: conservatives must be brave now

Last week, I posted here on an article by Vanishing American, and today you must read his post entitled “Nothing to fear…..”    It begins with a discussion about a comment thread at Gates of Vienna, where even ‘our folks’ couch their words in obvious fear (of what? of whom?).    

This is just a small portion near the end:

We have to find ways to get across to our fellow ‘conservatives’ who are still somewhat under the PC spell that this is no time to worry about little niceties like whether we hurt somebody’s feelings — especially when those somebodies have not the least regard for our feelings — or whether we look like ‘bigots’ to someone else, or whether someone calls us a name.

It’s painfully obvious that these ‘conservatives’ absolutely don’t see the direness of our situation; they seem to think that in being polite and fair and considerate and ‘tolerant’, we will somehow deflect what is coming our way. They just don’t see, can’t see, or just plain refuse to see that our house is on fire, and this is not the time to worry about being genteel and inoffensive. It’s not the time to show our magnanimity and our good nature by deferring to the enemies in our midst. Worrying about political incorrectness on our side is absurd at this late hour.

As I argued in a couple of posts before, there is a time for anger and yes, even a time for hate. That last phrase is in the Book of Ecclesiastes. And yet so many people today want to be holier than God himself and disclaim hate or even righteous anger. And what we are talking about does not even fall under the true definition of ‘hate’, a word which by the way has been overused and abused by the left. What is being called ‘hate’ all too often is merely a speaking of unflattering truths, or in some cases, an expression of righteous wrath at the wrongs being inflicted on us. It is an expression of outrage at the injustices which are multiplying every day. It’s a cry of protest against the invasion of our country, the criminalization of free speech, the loss of our rights, and the loss of our homes. Are we to be silenced even in the face of those things?


To the politically correct among us, what are you afraid of? Us? Yourselves? The Other?
As for me, I’m only afraid that we will go gently and politically correctly into that good night.
I don’t welcome the dying of the light, and as long as there is breath in me, I will rage against it.

Could this be why we are so inspired by Sarah Palin—her fearlessness, her unabashed disregard for political correctness.   Maybe God has granted us a ‘Joan of Arc’ of sorts, a leader we can stand with as she (with our help) rages against the dark.

Read the whole post at Vanishing American.  I wish I could write like that!

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