Crime up in Postville with influx of strangers

Update September 22nd:  More on how Postville is changing.

Little Postville, Iowa is getting an additional police officer since crime is on the rise in that town.  Postville, you recall, is the home of Agriprocessors—a meatpacking plant raided in May by ICE where almost 400 illegal aliens were employed.   (Hat tip:  Blulitespecial)

Agriprocessors sent out the word that it needed workers and the town was flooded by assorted immigrants and refugees, mostly Somalis.   See an earlier post here which shows how these meat packing companies disrupt towns.

Yesterday the Des Moines Register reported that the town needs more police:

Postville Police Chief Michael Halse says the workers who have come to replace those picked up in the raid are temporary. He says he doesn’t know their backgrounds or where they came from.

Halse says he hopes life will return to the way it was before the raid, but predicted that normalcy could be years away.

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