Dramatic proposal in the UK to cut immigration

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Barack Obama went to Europe and said if he were elected President he would make America more like Europe.   O.K. Barack does that mean you would drastically cut immigration like one country after another is attempting to do in Europe?  We’ve told you about France and Italy and just a couple days ago we heard that Spain is following suit.   And, now the UK.  Wow!

The Telegraph is reporting today that a plan to balance the number of immigrants with the number leaving the country has been proposed.

A cross-party parliamentary group – the first to tackle such a politically divisive issue – says net immigration must be reduced to zero, with the numbers arriving balanced by those leaving.

The group hopes this will stabilise the swelling UK population and reduce pressure on public services at a time when immigrants are entering at the highest rate in recorded history.

“We strongly believe we must ease the pressures that immigration is placing on our public services, environment and, indeed, on the cohesion of our society,” it says in a report, Balanced Migration.

Just like the United States the UK is expecting a population explosion, fueled exclusively by immigration, over the next 30 years putting huge demands on jobs, housing, schools and the environment with the brunt of the pain inflicted on the country’s poor.

In April, the Lords’ economic affairs committee labelled official statistics on migration “seriously inadequate” and concluded immigrants are not needed to fill labour shortages or help fund the state pension for retiring Britons.

Immigrants were found to have an “important economic impact” on public services, with some schools struggling to cope with the number of children who do not speak English as a first language.

Lowly paid Britons are being priced out of work and millions face being unable to afford a house.

Government statistics show in the past decade 2.5 million people have arrived in the UK, while only three quarters of a million have left.

The UK’s population is set to soar from 60 million to close to 80 million by the middle of the century, making it the most populous nation in Europe.

Figures suggest Britain will need seven new cities the size of Birmingham to house the growing population by 2031.

Again, hint to John McCain, it’s time to change your mind on immigration.   We don’t actually know where our statistics are, but I will bet the US numbers would come close to this British poll on the subject of immigration.

A poll released to coincide with the proposal found eighty one per cent of Labour voters and 89 per cent of Conservative voters favoured substantial cuts in immigration.

Immigration is the elephant in the living room.    It is the issue directly related to the environment, jobs, crime, terrorism, poverty, cultural conflicts, and education.    We ignore that elephant every day at our peril.

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