Australia grapples with Bacha Bazi compulsive predators

Editor:  This is another important guest post from ‘Pungentpeppers.’  If you are new to Refugee Resettlement Watch and think you can dismiss this horror story because it is in faraway Australia, think again!  It has happened right here in America and reminds us of the dangers of falling for cultural relativism and that the old tired line about diversity bringing us strength is propaganda.  We have enough child predators of our own, we don’t need to be importing more and then excusing them because these acts aren’t criminal ones where they come from!

See Part One, “In the West: A Modern Form of Afghan “Bacha Bazi” Pedophilia?” for arrest of Qayed Shareef, a California CEO, and the insidious Afghan practice of targeting boys for sexual abuse called Bacha Bazi.

Map depicts Melbourne suburbs of Geelong and Dandenong where the sexual crimes occurred.

Australia grapples with Bacha Bazi compulsive predators

Around the time Qayed Shareef was role playing with 9- and 10-year olds via the internet in the U.S., Afghan natives Ali Jaffari and Omid Roshan were on the prowl in Australia’s Greater Melbourne area. As events build on each other, Australia wakens.


2010 – Ali Jaffari, aged 30+, arrives in Australia via smuggler boat. He seeks asylum and is detained 15 months.

Jan. 2012 – Jaffari is granted a permanent protection visa.

2012 – Omid Roshan, age 19 or 20, arrives late in the year via smuggler boat. After 1-month detention, he is granted a temporary bridging visa. Thus, two boy-seeking sexual predators are released into the general population.

Nov. 2012Jaffari molests 12- and 13-year old boys at a swimming pool in Geelong (near Melbourne). [A number of years ago another Afghan refugee creep did something similar: as soon as Hussain Haidari was released from detention, he swooped into the Adelaide Aquatic Center where he found his 13-year-old boy prey – at the swimming pool.] Jaffari remains free pending trial.

As an asylum seeker Jaffari was granted permanent protection by the Australian government. Photo:

Jan. 2013Jaffari tries to kidnap a 4-year-old girl at a Geelong cricket field. Grabs her hand and starts to lead her away. He tells police, “for us is not an issue”.

Aug. 2013 – Geelong swimming pool molestation trial. The boys testify that Jaffari approached them and, at first, was “mucking about” with them in the pool:

One witness said things changed when he started grabbing at them, cuddling one boy, kissing him on the neck and telling him he was “sexy”. He also rubbed himself against a boy. The victim told the court Jaffari followed them to the showers, where he cornered one boy, asking him if he “wanted company”. He said Jaffari then tried to pull him out of sight of his friend. The boys fled and reported the matter to their parents.

The court heard both suffered nightmares after the attack and one mother broke down while giving evidence, telling the court her son’s first words to her were, “I was nearly raped”.  (See facebook here)

Verdict: Jaffari found guilty on 6 counts indecent acts with child & 1 attempt.

Sentence: NO JAIL TIME! 300 hours community service. Magistrate Ann McGarvie takes into account Jaffari’s refugee status and that he had previously spent 15 months in detention. She deems him to have low chance of reoffending (despite already facing charges for the separate kidnapping and his unknown history in Afghanistan and Pakistan). Jaffari appeals.

November 2013. At child-stealing hearing, politically-correct Magistrate Ian von Einem says about Jaffari holding little girl’s hand and leading her away: “If a middle-aged, friendly woman did this, I doubt she’d be charged.”

February 2014. Jaffari is reconvicted on appeal of swimming pool case. Police withdraw the child-stealing charges because Magistrate Ron Saines says he’d have trouble finding Jaffari guilty, citing “cultural differences”.

Afghan refugee Roshan is charged with raping nine-year-old boy. Photo and story here:

March 2014. Afghan Omid Roshan of Dandenong (southeast Melbourne) kidnaps a 9-year-old boy from a soccer match, rapes him, and then flees the Melbourne area to Sydney. (See previous post at RRW, here) Detectives track him down and charge him with 2 counts of rape and other offenses. Roshan does not ask for bail.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison promises to keep the temporary visa holder in detention if the court should release him pending trial. … Meanwhile bloggers in America pick up the story of how Ali Jaffari, the other Afghan sex- and asylum-seeking predator, avoided prosecution because of “cultural differences”.

Australian media figure and blogger Derryn Hinch is outraged. He posts a piece on “cultural insanity” showing Jaffari’s photo. He writes:

“Apparently Jaffari is an Afghan refugee with cultural differences. Is it culturally acceptable there for adults to sexually assault children? I doubt it. But even if it were, it is abhorrent here and our laws say so.”

Hinch’s post reaches 130,000 people. Australia’s “Pickering Post” piece on Jaffari is so popular that its servers shut down; the Facebook version logs over half a million hits. The people are roused. But Jaffari himself causes the coming commotion.

April 4, 2014. Police spot Jaffari in a St. Kilda public library (suburban Melbourne) viewing child porn on his laptop (violent sexual images of children). April 7, a passing cyclist notices and photographs a man behaving in “a not quite right” manner near public toilets, at the rear of football changing rooms used by under-8 to 10-year old boys at Albert Park Lake Reserve (Melbourne area). Police identify the suspicious person as Jaffari and caution him. Within weeks, Jaffari is back, again hanging around the site.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison wants to revoke Jaffari’s permanent visa, but is stymied by Australian law. The current character test requires a “substantial criminal record” including at least a 12-month jail term, something that does not apply to Jaffari. Clearly, there is a mismatch between criminal law and immigration law. In Australia, cases involving child sexual abuse are often handled by magistrates rather than judges – shockingly, they are considered low level crimes. The magistrates who were involved in Jaffari’s cases were extremely lenient and made reckless allowances for Jaffari’s foreign origins and foreign customs — they effectively put Australian children at risk, and the Government found its hands tied. Morrison tells the public they are working on a solution.

May 2014. A member of the public is alarmed by the potentially dangerous situation developing at Albert Park and contacts Derryn Hinch whose piece about the roaming Ali Jaffari, called “Help …. please” reaches over 170,000 Australians (here).

Mainstream Australian press runs editorials – Herald Sun: “Send abuser back home”. Daily Telegraph: “Old tribal customs no excuse for crimes.”

WHERE’S ALI JAFFARI? HE’S EVERYWHERE! Mass awakening of public concern follows Jaffari’s re-arrest and release on porn charges. Police investigate his behavior towards young children at footy training (Australian football practice) near Albert Park. Worried parents report seeing Jaffari loitering near a school, parks, and playground. TV and radio personality Kate Langbroek tweets that Jaffari was loitering at her children’s school and MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre). “So there’s a pedo hanging around our kids’ school. Seriously. And at MSAC. Apparently he has ‘a right to pursue fitness’. Holy moly.” Jaffari is also seen at a Beaconsfield Parade playground where an irate parent confronts him. “A mother left shaken after she claims Jaffari followed her and her two children through Albert Park after dark, making noises and touching himself.” She is horrified he’s back at large.

What’s to be done? How will Jaffari be kept off the streets, and out of parks, and pools, and libraries? Can he, should he, be sent back to Afghanistan? How about Derryn Hinch’s question: Is it culturally acceptable in Afghanistan for adults to sexually assault children? ….

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***Update***  Part three is here.

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