New Hampshire mayors assured no refugee resettlement (for now!)

Readers may remember that a storm blew up in Dover, NH and surrounding towns near refugee-overloaded Manchester, NH last summer when a wannabe refugee contractor jumped the gun and asked to brief the mayor on the possible placement of African refugees in the town.

This is a very very informative article that confirms what we have learned from experience—if your elected officials ask questions and demand public accountability from the resettlement contractors and the US State Department, you can back them down.

Mayor Karen Weston should be taking credit for helping her small city dodge a bullet (for now)!

Mayor Weston and the other mayors deserve praise for expecting answers from the federal government and their refugee contractors about how hundreds of refugees would impact the town of Dover and surrounding towns.

From Foster’s Daily Democrat (emphasis is mine):

DOVER — Local mayors are feeling “reassured” after state and federal officials confirmed this week that the Tri-Cities are not being considered for refugee resettlement.

“Right now, we have been put at ease,” Dover Mayor Karen Weston said Friday.

Weston joined Rochester Mayor T.J. Jean and Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard on a conference call with N.H. refugee coordinator Barbara Seebart and staff from the offices of U.S. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte. [One thing the contractors fear, and the State Department pays attention to, is how involved Senators and Congressmen become in the process!—ed]

During the hour-long call, the mayors learned how refugee resettlement works in New Hampshire.

Everyone facing the possibility of refugee resettlement for your town, pay attention to this next line.  They do not seek extensive feedback unless you demand it!

Among the key takeaways: The process takes time, and the resettlement organizations seek extensive feedback from potential host communities.

In other words, refugee resettlement doesn’t happen overnight.  [We have seen it virtually overnight where the local elected officials are SILENT or complicit.—ed]

“I feel reassured that if Rochester or any of the Tri-City communities were going to be considered there would be a very thorough process for public input,” Jean said.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such an informative article as this one involving targeted cities!  Continue reading:

Cities and towns cannot block refugee resettlement, just as they cannot restrict people of any race or ethnicity from moving in.  [This first part of the sentence is what the bullies will tell your elected officials, but be assured if you question their plans and demand answers they will likely move on to another (softer) target site.—ed]

Weston and Jean have expressed concern about potential impacts on local schools, housing and city services if refugees settled in the region.

“It’s very clear that the Tri-City area does not have the infrastructure to support refugee resettlement, at least how it stands right now,” Jean said Friday.

Who does have the infrastructure to support refugees?  I believe it is the case that very few of the 180 plus cities that are already getting hundreds of impoverished immigrants don’t have the infrastructure.  It is really just a matter of how complacent a community is—if no questions are asked, refugees will be moved in!

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More news about Syrian Muslims headed to Kentucky

While I slept, Pungentpeppers was busy reading the latest news…..

And, by the way, the last time we reported on Syrians headed to Kentucky, Nebraska and North Dakota it was our top post for three weeks running!

The US State Department’s man in charge of refugees coming to America, Laurence Bartlett: “The US will be a significant player” in the resettlement of Syrians and private resettlement agencies will determine where they go!

The State Department has been slow gearing up for the big Syrian push and in this article at The Courier-Journal they claim it’s due to the United Nations being slow to get them a list.

REMEMBER! it is the UN choosing who is coming to America.

They say we do intensive security screening, but logically that is impossible because who is going to supply records (what court records? what government documents?) when the whole region has been in turmoil for years.

Here is the latest from The Courier-Journal:

Twenty-one Syrian refugees will arrive in Louisville over the next two weeks, a figure expected to increase in Kentucky and beyond as the U.S. begins to take in an expanded number of refugees fleeing Syria’s bloody civil war.

The refugees, from four families who fled to Jordan and Egypt, are part of a larger U.S. resettlement effort expected to bring as many as 10,000 Syrians to cities throughout the nation over the next several years, according to the U.S. State Department.


The U.S. has accepted few Syrian refugees in recent years, sparking criticism that it was slow to respond. But Bartlett said the U.N. only recently has sought to resettle larger numbers. The State Department is now reviewing nearly 10,000 referrals from the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. By contrast, just 323 Syrians were resettled in the U.S. in 2014.

The U.N. is asking an array of nations to take in 100,000 refugees through 2016, Bartlett said, and the U.S. will be a “significant player.”

Although private resettlement agencies will determine where they go, last year some arrived in California, Illinois and Texas. Bartlett predicted resettlements would reach 1,000 to 2,000 through this fiscal year and would grow more quickly in the subsequent 12 months. While no ceiling on Syrians has been set, the U.S. has a cap of 70,000 total global refugees a year.


Kentucky, home to two Louisville resettlement affiliates, has taken in 6,428 refugees since 2011, including 1,113 from Iraq, according to the State Department figures. That has left the area with resources and interpreters that could make it a landing spot for Syrians, Koehlinger said, though exact numbers are unknown.

“We’ll probably have a significant number here in Louisville” by summer, said Darko Mihaylovich, director of Louisville’s Catholic Charities Refugee and Migration Services.

The Iraqi terrorists in the next section did have a “record,” at least one of them had fingerprints on an IED that killed American National Guardsmen in Iraq and no one had ever put the prints together with the fraudulent refugee application to America.

Advocates said the refugees from Syria bring added security concerns, in part because of fears of Islamic extremism among Islamic State followers and others.

In 2013, two Iraqi refugees living in Bowling Green, Ky., were sentenced on terrorism charges. They were arrested in 2011 after helping a confidential government informant load cash and weapons that they thought were bound for al-Qaida in Iraq into a tractor-trailer.

Read on, the article is full of information including the fact that a local Islamic Center is getting geared up to welcome the new Muslims.

By the way, Kentucky is a Wilson-Fish state and as such the program is run by contractors and the federal government (UN!) with no Kentucky state government say-so!

Senator Mitch McConnell has obviously not protected Kentucky for all of his time in the Senate.  Senator Rand Paul did speak up here in 2013 when he wanted to know why we needed to bring in all the Iraqis.  You may not like Senator Paul, but he may be the only one in a position to put the breaks on the Syrian resettlement for Kentucky and for America (if he wanted to!).

The UN is gearing up and so is the State Department so that by the time a new President enters office in January 2017 there will be no hope of stopping this train.

About the photo:  Do you see that map behind Bartlett? That is the map I referred to in my presentation in St. Louis this past weekend.  You can find it online by clicking here.  It depicts the 180 or so cities that have contractors working in them and that are being colonized. Any smaller town within a hundred miles is fair game.