Over 110,000 Iraqis have entered the US since the end of the Bush Administration

I’ve been in Washington all day (regarding the refugee program) and am too tired to post much, but ‘Pungentpeppers’ found this news last night and I decided to at least post this today.  From Epoch Times where the reporter reminds us of how the Bush Administration was really concerned about security issues with the Iraqis and had been only letting in a trickle of Iraqi refugees until sometime in 2007.

This news story picks up at the end of the Bush Administration, but here are the Iraqi numbers prior to the Obama years which are now numbering close to 20,000 a year.

Back then, every month (as the numbers were released) for probably a year, a reporter for AP—Matthew Lee—beat on the Bush Administration with a chorus of NGO ‘humanitarian’ groups sniping from the wings.

Once the Iraqi numbers took off, they really took off, as you can see in the graph and below.

Interesting to me is that there is virtual silence from this same bunch of reporters who shill for the Open Borders Left about Obama’s foot-dragging on Syrian refugees.

The UK, which is also foot-dragging on admitting Syrians, is being harassed in the media by the usual Leftist suspects, but they are silent about the US and Obama—what gives?

By the way, this reporter at Epoch Times estimates that 2/3 rds of the Iraqis are Muslims, my numbers indicate it is closer to 3/4th (at least in the post-2007 era).

From Epoch Times:

It has been seven years since the United States opened its borders to tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees. And they keep coming. Last year, over 20,000 crossed the border—a record number. More than 1,500 more have come so far in 2015, as of Jan. 31, foretelling another high year. So where are they settling?


Since then over 110,000 have come to the United States.


The largest chunk, over 23,000 settled in California. Close to 18,000 ended up in Michigan and another almost 11,000 in Texas.


California is the biggest host state for refugees. Out of some 600,000 refugees that have come to the country in the past decade, more than 65,000 went to California—over two thirds of them were from Iraq and Iran.

Cities and towns with the highest incoming Iraqi refugee population in the past 10 years:

El Cajon California 9,568

Southfield Michigan 4,417

San Diego California 3,742

Phoenix Arizona 3,723

Houston Texas 3,532

Sterling Heights Michigan 3,505

Chicago Illinois 3,104
Source: U.S. Department of State, Jan .31, 2015

Go to the article, here, to see how many your state received.  LOL!  I see ol’ Joe Biden’s Delaware got a grand total of 8 Iraqis (Biden was one of the original sponsors of the Refugee Act of 1980).

We have 646 posts in our Iraqi refugee category in case anyone wants to write a book—we’ve done your research!  You will find posts there about reporter Matthew Lee’s monthly squawks about Bush!