Kentucky again! Refugee resettlement must be growing in the Bluegrass state!

Yesterday we told you about the Syrian refugee family being resettled in Louisville, KY right now and here is news about Lexington, KY and the same refugee contractor.

Barbara Kleine runs the Lexington Office of Kentucky Migration Ministries which is working with grants from Islamic Relief USA we learned yesterday. Kleine’s photo and bio are here:

So either Kentucky is a hot resettlement site or the contractors there like making news!  This is a story about a fundraiser Kentucky Refugee Ministries is having (ho hum), however there are two bits of information worth mentioning.


First an Iraqi refugee complains that “there is not enough financial support” for them!  Now, the resettlement industry would say this means we need to throw more government money their way, but how about looking at it this way:  Maybe we are bringing more refugees than we can afford!

“There is not enough financial support of an organization like this,” Alnaasree said. “There are so many refugees from all around the world, Africa, Asia, the Middle East.

“They arrive here looking for a better life, better chances, but we start to figure out the truth,” he said. “There is not enough financial support.”

Someone needs to investigate this funding source…

What about that Islamic Relief USA money we learned about here in our report on Louisville?  That was the first time I ever heard of a contractor getting “grants” from an Islamic ‘charity’ to resettle presumably Muslim refugees.  Where are the two US Senators from Kentucky on this question?

***Update***Ryan Mauro writing at the Clarion Project says that Islamic Relief USA is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (here).

Then if your town is contemplating “welcoming” refugees or maybe you have just started in the last year or so, remember that it will become virtually impossible to stop because the contractors will call you mean spirited and racists if you deny family members of the “seed community” to come to your town in subsequent years.

Since KRM’s establishment in Lexington in 1998, 2,500 refugees from 32 countries have settled here. “Last year we had a huge year,” Kleine said, with 299 people immigrating, most joining families that were already here. KRM is expecting 250 to 260 this year.

“Most of the refugees now have a U.S. tie,” she said. “A friend or a relative.”

The largest contingent of refugees is Congolese, she said. A lot of Iraqis are still coming, and the number of Afghanis is growing. The number of Bhutanese, however, is slowing as the refugee camps in Nepal are closing down.

KRM’s goal is to find employment for the refugees and help them become self-sufficient. English classes are first on the list, along with classes on cultural adjustment and working in the U.S. It takes an average of 120 days to find work.

“Self-sufficiency” might be their “goal” in that short time, but it is virtually impossible to achieve without some very crafty reporting—like finding refugees jobs (any job!) for a brief time so they can tell the State Department that the refugee found employment!  And, besides, even if the refugee is still living in subsidized housing, getting Obamacare and food stamps they are still considered self-sufficient for refugee resettlement bookkeeping.

Sometimes I think those working hard to change America—to turn red states blue—get a perverse sense of joy out of dropping off diversity into states like Tennessee and Kentucky—watch out Alabama and Mississippi you will be next (oh, and how could I forget Wyoming too!).

Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage: One simple message about diversity from Copenhagen

Pithy statement of the day…..

Frontpage magazine:

“The shootings in Copenhagen targeting a free speech event and a synagogue are an unfortunate reminder that Muslim immigration doesn’t bring diversity. Islamic immigration leads only to Islamization. And Islamization is the end of diversity.”

We have been talking a lot about keeping terrorists out of the refugee stream to America, but the greater threat is that some young Muslims we fed, housed, clothed and educated at great taxpayer expense are choosing the Islamic jihad imperative over prospects for a good life in a free Western country.  What do-gooders don’t get is that Islam trumps having stuff!

Those who don’t choose violent jihad are working to change us from within.

Armed smugglers threaten Italian Coast Guard as 2,200 more migrants brought to Europe from Libya

Historians (if there are any!) in the future will wonder how on earth Europe allowed itself to be overrun!

Is it time to follow the Australian example?


One of many rescues by the Italian government.  What will Italy, Malta and other European countries do with the migrants? None of these mostly young men will be sent back!


And, readers, let me ask you, how often do we hear about the African/Middle Eastern invasion of Europe from the US mainstream media?

The only way to stop this now is for the Italian military to turn these boats back to the African coast!

From the Malta Independent:

Four smugglers brandishing Kalashnikovs threatened an Italian Coast Guard motorboat involved in one of several operations that rescued more than 2,000 migrants leaving Libyan shores on Sunday.

Italian Transport Minister Maurizio Lupi said the gunmen used a small boat to speed to the scene some 50 miles off the coast of Libya, where security is rapidly deteriorating.

After threatening the rescuers who had taken aboard the migrants, three of the smugglers jumped onto the then-empty migrants’ boat and took off with it.  [So they were allowed to recover the boat and will use it again—ed]

Nearly 2,200 migrants were rescued in several operations Sunday, the Coast Guard said. They were being taken to Italian ports. Hundreds were also rescued Saturday.

Turn them back!

Simon Kent writing at Breitbart news tells us the only thing that will stop the invasion is if European leaders grew a spine and followed the lead of the Australian government by turning back the migrant boats full of faux ‘refugees.’

If illegal immigrants knew that simply arriving on European soil would be no guarantee of staying, would they still risk it? If people smugglers also knew that, would they be able to extort huge amounts of money from the desperately vulnerable in the vain attempt to try? Australia provides an example of how Europe’s expensive, public display of overt compassion is killing the very people it is trying to help.

Under the current coalition government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the flow of refugees seeking to enter Australia by boat has stopped. Abbott’s government tows any vessel found straight back to where it started from. In most cases that is Indonesia. The policy of immediate return has been well publicised and those who do make it into Australian territorial waters are sent to offshore islands in New Guinea or Nauru for processing.

Australia then uses its famous ‘points based system’ to decide who is a genuine refugee and who is an economic migrant. End of story. The Abbott government went to the September 2013 polls promising to ‘stop the boats’ on the basis that the journey the asylum seekers make is dangerous and controlled by criminal gangs and they have a duty to stop it.

For our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ series, go here.

See also who wrecked Libya, here.

UKIP’s Nigel Farage to speak at Conservative confab in Washington

I might have to break down and attend CPAC this year, something I haven’t done since Grover Norquist and his sycophants managed to sideline several outspoken critics of the Islamic agenda in the US—an Islamic agenda that depends heavily on the migration of Muslims to America.

Nigel Farage leads the largest UK party in the European Parliament.

And, why do we write so much about Europe’s death spiral?—so that you know what is in store for us if we don’t fight back now!

I expect Mr. Farage will have a warning for us.  For more on UKIP go here.

Here is the story at Breitbart (hat tip: Cathy) about his CPAC appearance, but it was these last two paragraphs I found most interesting:

In a recent interview with Breitbart News on a trip to the United States this past fall, Farage said that U.S. conservatives seem to be going through the exact same problems with the political establishment—especially on the key issues UKIP is winning on in the U.K., including immigration and national security. Farage also said that if the GOP establishment in the United States doesn’t back down and let conservatives control the direction of the party, there may be a need for a U.S. version of UKIP to send the Republican National Committee (RNC) the way of the Whigs.

“I have no idea what the Republican Party stands for,” Farage said in the interview at the Breitbart News Capitol Hill headquarters in Washington, D.C. “I meet lots of individuals within it who want it to say one thing or another, but collectively it’s pretty blurry, it’s pretty unclear. If I was living over here, I would say to myself alright number one we’ve got to reclaim our party–we’ve got to take it away from being safe and establishment, because that way you’re never going to win because the Democrats have certain built-in advantages. If you are unable to reclaim your party, you might have to do a UKIP.”

Conservatives will never reclaim the party when the likes of Grover Norquist and Jeb Bush are prominent mouthpieces for it.