Syrians: Who might we let in through the refugee program? And, who is coming back?

We told you about recent FBI testimony (here) that Homeland Security is not capable of properly screening prospective Syrian refugees that the UN has chosen for us because there is no way to get any data from a “failed state.”   As a result, the State Department’s plan to bring in 9,000-10,000 this year has hit a roadblock.

Eleven months ago, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was calling for the US to admit 75,000 Syrian refugees over a 5 year period. I wonder have they modified their demands?

Below, Leo Hohmann, writing at World Net Daily, gives us more detail about the House Homeland Security hearing last week and the FBI testimony, but in his more indepth analysis he also tells us about those ‘Americans’ who have gone to Syria recently and returned—what were they doing in Syria and do they pose a threat to us?

Longtime readers here know that Somali ‘youths’ who we took in and cared for have thumbed their noses at the good life here and have gone to join jihadists around the world, but how many other former “refugees” have gone for jihad training?

And, do you know that there is no way to stop their return to your cities?

World Net Daily (toward the end of a detailed story).  ‘Syrian refugee program called backdoor for jihadists’:

“We know that foreign fighters have gone from 15,000 to 20,000. We know that 5,000 of these foreign fighters have Western passports that could get them entrance into the United States,” McCaul said. “… There are hundreds of Americans who have traveled to the region to fight with ISIS. We know that some of them have returned, and that’s a classified number. But my first question is, for those who have returned to the United States, what assurances can you give the American people, and what are we doing about it to make sure they do not attack in the United States?”

Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, also testified Wednesday and said the numbers are far from clear.

“We know what we know, but that comes from a wide variety of sources and we have always assessed that there is likely more information out there that we have not yet been able to collect … And that is possible there are greater numbers of foreign fighters and potentially even greater numbers of individuals from Western countries who have traveled to the conflict zones.”

Steinbach agreed the numbers could be much greater than the 150 or so Americans suspected of fighting for ISIS, also called ISIL.  [I will bet a large percentage of those who have gone to Syria come from the Muslim immigrant community in the US—ed]

“I would not be truthful if I told you we knew about all the returnees. We know what we know. There is a number that we don’t know about,” he told the committee. “The ones we know about, that have returned from Syria and the conflict zone. … Regardless of the intelligence that we started with, we build a case to disrupt. … And we seek to determine the root cause of their travel, what they did in Syria, and then ultimately if it was in support of a foreign terrorist organization such as ISIL we look for prosecution or some other type of disruption.”

Don’t you think it would be very simple to rescind the passports of anyone traveling to Syria and Iraq for no legitimate reason?  Or, flag everyone coming back for interrogation?

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About the photo:  The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) was not alone among the refugee resettlement contractors in demanding 15,000 Syrians a year—most of the nine were on board.  Readers may remember that the contractors persuaded the Obama Administration to relax security screening for Syrians, here, one year ago this month.

Last October, HIAS launched a petition drive to pressure the President to raise the quota of total refugees for FY2015 from 70,000-100,000 to accommodate more Syrians.

By the way, for all of our new readers, the contractors like to refer to themselves as VOLAGS (short for Voluntary agencies) which is such a joke since they are largely funded by you—the American taxpayer.

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