Germany: Most measles cases linked to refugees, asylum seekers

This is a little story I didn’t get around to a couple of days ago.  Thanks to Robin (and maybe someone else) who sent it my way.

We think we have it bad—check out Germany’s measles cases and this more detailed story. Spikes in Germany related to refugee and asylum seeker waves.

From Fox News:

Authorities in Berlin say a spike in measles infections has been traced to unvaccinated refugees but at least two measles cases appear to have come from the United States.

Berlin has recorded 468 cases of measles this year, more than the rest of Germany had during all of 2014.

Dr. Dirk Werber of Berlin’s state health office said Friday that a child asylum seeker from Bosnia is considered the index case because many subsequent infections among refugees were genetically identical.

Measles has since spread to Berlin’s non-refugee population, partly because immunization rates among over-45s are low.

Two cases are believed to have been caught in the US.  Related to refugees here too?  That we don’t know.

Werber said one woman and possibly a child appeared to have contracted measles while traveling in the United States.

Germany is having its migrant problems, that is for sure!  Click here for our complete archive on Germany.

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