After promising 9,000-10,000 Syrian refugees this year, US State Department revises numbers downward

For months, State Department spokesmen (we will bring as many as our Iraqi commitment—20,000? a year) and women (processing 5,000 now, 10,000 plus annually going forward) have been bragging that finally the US was in high gear to start resettling the thousands of mostly Muslim Syrian refugees that the UN has chosen for us.

State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki putting a happy face on the announcement that the US must necessarily revise downward its Syrian refugee admission predictions.

Well, this is embarrassing, they are now saying maybe 2,000 tops! this year. The UN and the resettlement contractors*** must be hopping mad!

However, to listen to State Department daily briefer Psaki, you wouldn’t know that just a couple of days ago the FBI testified in Congress that THEY CANNOT PROPERLY VET SYRIAN REFUGEES BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO INFORMATION ON THEM.  See our post here yesterday.

From PJ Media yesterday:

The State Department said the number of refugees admitted from Syria is expected to increase despite concern voice in a House Homeland Security hearing this week that the program is a “huge mistake.”

Press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that 524 Syrians have been admitted as refugees since the uprising against Bashar Assad’s regime began in 2011.

“We’re likely to admit 1,000 to 2,000 Syrian refugees for permanent resettlement in fiscal year 2015 and a somewhat higher number that is still in the low thousands in fiscal year 2016,” she said. “I don’t have anymore details on where. There’s obviously an entire process that is undergone.”

Psaki defended the process as keeping in standing with the United States’ “long tradition of welcoming refugees, many of whom have fled unspeakable horrors and persecution.”

“There has been longstanding bipartisan support for this in Congress. And certainly I think if we look at the crisis in Syria and the unspeakable horrors that many people in that country have gone through, what many people have called for is support for more refugees, which certainly we are open to,” she added.

Refugees are admitted “in a way that is safe and consistent with our national security interests” in a process that “can take months, if not longer.”

They want you to think it is safe anyway!

*** Contractors:


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