Angry workers told to lay low today in Greeley

According to the Rocky Mountain News, community organizer, Kaise Egal, told fired Somali workers in Greeley to lay low (no demonstrations) because this is a day to honor the victims of the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11.  Big of them!

GREELEY — About 100 Muslim workers fired Wednesday by JBS Swift & Co. planned a “low-profile” day today in recognition of the victims of the 9/11 massacre seven years ago, according to one of the workers’ leaders.

Kaise Egal, who hasn’t worked at Swift but is a leader of the local Muslim workers, said the fired workers were staying low-key “in respect to the 9/11 victims.”

Since Egal wasn’t an employee of Swift, I guess that makes him a community organizer.

UN: Using Palestinians again to guilt-trip the West

How about guilt-tripping Muslim countries for a change?   Why aren’t the wealthy Muslim countries in the Middle East resettling Palestinian refugees generally and this group in particular— stranded in camps on the border of Iraq and Syria?   I know the answer, it is better to continue to make the Palestinians the poster children for all the evil inflicted by the West and Israel.

Here is a story that is a real stretch.   We have written before about the Iraqi Palestinians who had been favored by Saddam Hussein.  When Saddam’s government was toppled, the Palestinians became potential targets in the sectarian turmoil that followed.  However, when they attempted to escape Iraq and their fellow Muslims they were not allowed into Syria (a Muslim country!).

Tragically a nine-year old Palestinian child died just recently when a truck backed over him in the camp, and the incident that happens throughout the world every day becomes a reason for a major news story from Reuters entitled, “Death of Palestinian boy highlights dangers at Iraq border refugee camp.”    Huh?  He was killed by an unfortunate truck accident.    Would you see a headline in your town about a vehicle accident, “Death of Anytown boy highlights dangers of Anytown?”  No, of course not.

I’m not saying that life in a camp is anything but awful,  however,  does this warrant a major news story?

DAMASCUS, Syria, September 10 (UNHCR) – The death of a nine-year-old boy in a road accident on the Iraq-Syria border has focused attention once more on the extremely dangerous and harsh living of hundreds of Palestinian refugees stranded at a makeshift desert camp.

It’s just an excuse for the UN to once again beat the drum over resettlement of this group of Palestinians:

“This is a terrible tragedy,” said Laurens Jolles, UNHCR’s representative in Syria. “The present area is not at all suited as a location for accommodation of hundreds of Palestinians. This proves once again how important it is to find a way to relocate this group to a more suitable area.”

So, why isn’t the UN pressuring Syria to let them in, or how about neighboring rich Saudi Arabia, they haven’t resettled any Iraqis yet.  I thought Muslims were supposed to be charitable to other Muslims. The Palestinians should be right up Saudi Arabia’s alley.   No, its always the West.  This boy and his family were scheduled to leave for Sweden, or so says the UN.   Although apparently they would be among the first of these Palestinians to go to overloaded Sweden.

Few Palestinians in the border camps have been accepted for resettlement or offered shelter in third countries. Only some 300 Palestinians have gone to non-traditional resettlement countries such as Brazil and Chile. A group of 29 vulnerable women and children from Al Waleed arrived in Iceland on Tuesday this week to start new lives.

What?  Muslim countries are “unwelcoming” to Palestinians?

Thoughts on that Greeley, CO news clip

Since I posted the link for that Greeley, CO news clip, I’ve been thinking about a couple of items in it.

Go here and watch it.

Note there is one Somali gleefully waving his dismissal notice and shouting “Africa.”  We had a reader ask yesterday how did we define assimilation.  Well, I would say this fellow is not assimilating too well.  Nor were the 4 guys in a Greeley apartment (here) with nothing more than a folding table, a laptop computer, some papers, and a Somali flag on the wall working too hard at becoming upstanding American citizens.

And then, who is Graen Isse?   He doesn’t look or sound like a Somali immigrant fresh off the boat (or a State Department funded flight).  He looks and sounds like he is a “community organizer.”   Does any one know how he came to be in Greeley?

How about the guy, with pretty good English, trying so hard to say it’s all about religious discrimination and skin color.   Have these guys been trained or what!

Now, let’s all go pray in the lawn for the news cameras!  

Let us know what else you find interesting in this film!

I wonder if Malta’s illegal aliens have arrived in Colorado yet?

Last month I told you again that Somalis and other African Muslims are breaking into Europe by taking boats to Malta and asking for asylum. 

In this story about our Ambassador to Malta giving a tea-party send-off to a Somali family, the supposedly Somali ‘refugee’ says he is off to Colorado where a lot of black people live.    One of the funny parts about this story (besides the tea party) is that when you look at the photo of the illegal alien with his “new” wife, he doesn’t look Somali.

Greeley and other “welcoming” cities in Colorado, you have more refugees on the way.  And, they didn’t live in camps they came in boats, illegally, to Europe and they are flown to America—airfare thanks to the US taxpayer.

Go here to learn how many Somalis we have taken in the last 25 years.

Swift and Co fires the Somalis—unbelievably brave of them

Update September 12th:  AP does a politically correct story here.

Update an hour later:    TV coverage here.  My observations on the film here.

Update minutes later:  The Tribune in Greeley has a more detailed article on what happened yesterday afternoon when Somali workers were terminated.   The police had to be called in:

About 15 Greeley police officers arrived at the plant, responding to a 3:56 p.m. call from a Swift security guard who said things were “getting out of control” inside the plant, said Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner, who also went to the plant.


I just got up to the news from the nightowl, Blulitespecial, that Swift has fired 130-150 of the Somali workers who walked off the production line in protest over break times last Friday.    We have reported that there was some sort of violence by the Somalis inside the plant that caused the company to ask for police to be on hand when the workers were let out that evening.

The following day, non-Muslim workers, many of them legal Hispanic workers, protested saying that the “Somalis are running our plant.”

Now comes news that Swift has acted swiftly to fire the trouble makers:

GREELEY — At least 130 Muslim workers at the north Greeley JBS Swift & Co. plant were fired Wednesday afternoon, apparently over a dispute involving breaks during Ramadan.

About 15 Greeley police officers were called to the scene by a Swift security guard as part of the termination. A security guard told police one terminated Swift worker had tried to hit him.

No arrests were made. The worker was escorted off the premises and police remained on the scene for peace-keeping purposes.

A union spokesman says the union will file grievances against the Greeley meatpacking company.

At issue is a request by Muslim workers to be able to take their lunch breaks at sunset to end their fast during Ramadan.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 spokesman Manny Gonzales said that between 130 to 150 workers from JBS Swift & Co. had been fired.

I predict the fallout from this brave move by the company will be enormous.  You know there will be a lawsuit and CAIR (and its partner, the EEOC) will be in the middle of it.   And, the town of Greeley, the town that figured so prominantly in the birthing of radical Islam, will have hundreds of unemployed Somalis as citizens—what an honor.   Greeley folks might want to check out Somali gang violence in Seattle.

Just an aside:  I will bet that those same Greeley churches that offended Sayed Qtub in 1950 with their ‘obscene’ dancing are now the churches responsible for resettling the Somalis in Greeley today (along with the US State Department of course).

How many Somalis have been resettled in the US, see my post yesterday here.   On this anniversary of 9/11 be sure to note that we have brought more Shariah-loving Somalis to the US since 9/11 then we did in the twenty years before that fateful day.