Associated Press writes about the Greeley Somali problem but it’s all about CAIR

More here:  It’s the Hispanics fault.

Today the mainstream media’s head honcho, the Associated Press, wrote about the situation in Greeley involving fired Somali workers at the Swift meatpacking plant, but in typical MSM skew-the-news fashion there are at least 5 quotes from CAIR’s Hooper and none (zip, zero, nada) from any of the American workers (whites or Hispanics) who protested Saturday morning.

Hey, AP, how come you didn’t quote this lady, Brianna Castillo, when she said, “The Somalis are running our plant.” 

And hey, AP, how come no mention of the “beheading” flier?

Or, how about a mention of the Somali who gleefully ran out of the plant with dismissal papers in hand shouting “Africa”!

And, maybe, you could do some original work and find out how these Somali “community organizers”, the ones doing all the talking but don’t work at Swift & Co, came to be in Greeley.

It’s all about CAIR and Hooper, Hooper, Hooper now!  

There is one nugget of new information from AP though and for that we thank them.  Seems that the Somalis are headed to Ft. Morgan and Cargill to look for work. 

…. some of the workers have already begun looking for jobs at the Cargill Meat Solutions plant in Fort Morgan, about 55 miles east of Greeley, according to the Colorado State Refugee Services Program. 

But, I bet there are already problems brewing there because I wrote just a month ago about Ft. Morgan (here)and how some federal Integration Work Group was on its way to Ft. Morgan to have a community roundtable  discussion about how everyone was getting along with the refugee (Somali mostly) workers at Cargill.  Hmmm… smelled fishy at the time, be interesting to see what happens.  Will Cargill hire the malcontents?

Hey, lazy mainstream reporters, there’s a tip for you, find out if things are going smoothly in Ft. Morgan.  And, while you are at it, it might interest everyone to know how involved Washington was (is) in bringing Somalis and other third world refugees to Colorado for the meatpackers.

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