Swift and Co fires the Somalis—unbelievably brave of them

Update September 12th:  AP does a politically correct story here.

Update an hour later:    TV coverage here.  My observations on the film here.

Update minutes later:  The Tribune in Greeley has a more detailed article on what happened yesterday afternoon when Somali workers were terminated.   The police had to be called in:

About 15 Greeley police officers arrived at the plant, responding to a 3:56 p.m. call from a Swift security guard who said things were “getting out of control” inside the plant, said Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner, who also went to the plant.


I just got up to the news from the nightowl, Blulitespecial, that Swift has fired 130-150 of the Somali workers who walked off the production line in protest over break times last Friday.    We have reported that there was some sort of violence by the Somalis inside the plant that caused the company to ask for police to be on hand when the workers were let out that evening.

The following day, non-Muslim workers, many of them legal Hispanic workers, protested saying that the “Somalis are running our plant.”

Now comes news that Swift has acted swiftly to fire the trouble makers:

GREELEY — At least 130 Muslim workers at the north Greeley JBS Swift & Co. plant were fired Wednesday afternoon, apparently over a dispute involving breaks during Ramadan.

About 15 Greeley police officers were called to the scene by a Swift security guard as part of the termination. A security guard told police one terminated Swift worker had tried to hit him.

No arrests were made. The worker was escorted off the premises and police remained on the scene for peace-keeping purposes.

A union spokesman says the union will file grievances against the Greeley meatpacking company.

At issue is a request by Muslim workers to be able to take their lunch breaks at sunset to end their fast during Ramadan.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 spokesman Manny Gonzales said that between 130 to 150 workers from JBS Swift & Co. had been fired.

I predict the fallout from this brave move by the company will be enormous.  You know there will be a lawsuit and CAIR (and its partner, the EEOC) will be in the middle of it.   And, the town of Greeley, the town that figured so prominantly in the birthing of radical Islam, will have hundreds of unemployed Somalis as citizens—what an honor.   Greeley folks might want to check out Somali gang violence in Seattle.

Just an aside:  I will bet that those same Greeley churches that offended Sayed Qtub in 1950 with their ‘obscene’ dancing are now the churches responsible for resettling the Somalis in Greeley today (along with the US State Department of course).

How many Somalis have been resettled in the US, see my post yesterday here.   On this anniversary of 9/11 be sure to note that we have brought more Shariah-loving Somalis to the US since 9/11 then we did in the twenty years before that fateful day.

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