Thoughts on that Greeley, CO news clip

Since I posted the link for that Greeley, CO news clip, I’ve been thinking about a couple of items in it.

Go here and watch it.

Note there is one Somali gleefully waving his dismissal notice and shouting “Africa.”  We had a reader ask yesterday how did we define assimilation.  Well, I would say this fellow is not assimilating too well.  Nor were the 4 guys in a Greeley apartment (here) with nothing more than a folding table, a laptop computer, some papers, and a Somali flag on the wall working too hard at becoming upstanding American citizens.

And then, who is Graen Isse?   He doesn’t look or sound like a Somali immigrant fresh off the boat (or a State Department funded flight).  He looks and sounds like he is a “community organizer.”   Does any one know how he came to be in Greeley?

How about the guy, with pretty good English, trying so hard to say it’s all about religious discrimination and skin color.   Have these guys been trained or what!

Now, let’s all go pray in the lawn for the news cameras!  

Let us know what else you find interesting in this film!

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