Somali immigrant story (Part II)—community organizer reports on Seattle Somali gangs

This morning I reported to you that Asha Mohamed, a Somali refugee, has become a community organizer in Seattle.  See Part I here.    She went to Chicago earlier this year to discuss important issues— including gang activities in Seattle—with more experienced community organizers.    Here is what the New American Media (Expanding the News Lens through Ethnic Media) says about these gangs:

While in Chicago, Mohamed said she was fortunate through Equal Voice to make valuable contacts with community organizers who have experience in facing some of the issues plaguing Seattle, particularly the city’s resurgence of gang violence. “We’re back in the ‘90s,” Mohamed exclaimed, except now it’s “East African gangs trying to get street cred.” She lamented, for example, the recent death of a 16-year-old Somali youth she had known since he was eight. He took an African-American friend to attend a Somali wedding. Afterwards, while driving down the highway, he was followed and shot by fellow Somalis, apparently enraged at him for “betraying his people” by bringing an African-American guest.   [Ed:  In the phrase “betraying his people” she likely isn’t referring to Somalis but to Muslims.  He must have brought an infidel to an Islamic wedding. Unbelievably shocking revelation, did any of you, in your wildest dreams, know this was going on in America?]

Mohamed said that there are now “stabbings left and right,” territorial disputes over drug distribution turf among Asian, Latino, African American, and East African gangs, all being fueled by new Somali arrivals from Minnesota and Ohio. [It’s all Ohio and Minnesota’s fault, not Somalia’s fault?]  It is very tough for parents to admit to the accusations, she said, that “your kid sells drugs, your kid does drugs.”

We told you about Somali gangs in Minneapolis earlier this summer here, and I want to know why we aren’t hearing about these Muslim gangs from the mainstream media?  I really know why!   My post yesterday about the Vanishing American article explains why.

As for the growing tension between Black native-born Americans and African immigrants, see our many posts here.

So, to all community organizers out there, what is your plan?  We gonna start deporting some of these gang bangers?

To new readers:  The US State Department has resettled over 82,000 Somali refugees over the last decade or so.  In the first 11 months of this fiscal year, 1761 have arrived.  That number is down from previous years likely due to the suspension of family reunification from some parts of Africa because DNA testing revealed rampant fraud.

Update September 11th:  Here is a complete rundown on the number of Somali refugees we have admitted to the US in the last 25 years.

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