Read Vanishing American on Somalis, leftists, and diversity worship

Have a look at this thoughtful post from Vanishing American yesterday, who says he (she?) got “testy” when a commenter said all was going well with the Somalis in Lewiston, Maine.

According to the commenter, the Somalis are wonderful, sweet people and everything up Maine way is hunky-dory. So: celebrate diversity, because you have no choice, and you are a hater if you fail to do so, is the implicit message as I receive it.

There is so much food for thought in this post, I don’t know where to begin to do it justice, so here is more to get you interested in reading the whole thing:

And it may be that Somalis have changed just through the magic of setting foot on American soil, so past history may be irrelevant. They no doubt have left their native ways behind them in Somalia, and their past antipathy to Americans.

On the other hand, if I begin to believe that, I will be by definition a bonafide liberal bleeding-heart, believing that the place makes the people, and that the horrifying conditions in Somalia are no fault of the majority of people, and that just because Somalis behave violently in their country, (remember Mogadishu back in 1993?) there is no reason they will follow the same pattern here.

This is the belief pattern of liberal/leftists everywhere. One article of belief is that Third World peoples are noble savages, innocent children who are not morally culpable or personally responsible for anything. They are always, in every case, victims — in their own countries, victims of corrupt rulers and governments (maybe, but who raises up those rulers, or gives legitimacy to those governments) and in our country, always victims of sinister White ‘racists’ or our oppressive ‘system.’ In other words, no matter what they do, it is always somebody else’s fault, and they cannot be held accountable no matter what. Only we are responsible, because They, the sainted Others, are helpless pawns, like infants.

And, then there is this.  Liberal/leftists and other blind worshipers of diversity (multiculturalism uber alles) cannot look at immigrants and our immigration policy fairly and objectively because this is really all about them (personally) and their desperate need to demonstrate their own moral goodness.

The politically correct among us, and that includes, as I have to keep saying, many Republicans too, are like indoctrinated cult members. They will not listen to any rational argument being made; they simply have to believe, in order to preserve their own sense of moral ‘goodness’, that everybody is the same, and that America must prove its worth by being the savior to the entire world, one way and another.

As I have said on previous occasions those of us wanting to reform our refugee resettlement program and immigration generally in hopes of making America a better place for our children and grandchildren, must be strong now and willing to be attacked and called vile names by those who promote themselves as morally superior.  And they call us haters!

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