Where are Iraqi refugee numbers for August?

Update September 6th:   A reader has kindly sent us the number of Iraqis resettled in August.  We resettled 2183 in August and July was 2352.  So it appears the US State Department jumped when the NGO’s and the Associated Press demanded more and gave them what they demanded—this brings the number for the fiscal year close to the magic 12,000.   But, they will surely not be satisfied, more demands will come.  We are at 10,998 at the end of August with a few weeks to go in the fiscal year.


Where is AP reporter Matthew Lee?   Over the last year Lee, like clockwork, bashed the Bush Administration about how few Iraqi refugees we brought to the US in the previous month.  Here is a post about Lee in June in which I discussed the Associated Press spin on the subject.   For more, just put his name in our search function.

Has anyone seen the numbers for August?  I can only conclude they are way up because so far I haven’t seen a story.   

Oh, I just remembered, the mainstream media is too busy (in a frenzy actually) these days digging dirt on 17 year olds.

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