Obama the community organizer

Today all the talk on radio and TV is about John McCain’s pick of  Governor Sarah Palin for his Vice President and the zingers she sent last night attacking Democratic nominee, Barack Obama.   What is a community organizer everyone is asking?   Community organizer is a fancy name for someone building a political base among a certain clientele, in this case it is the multi-ethnic organizations active in Chicago.  They say they do good things for people (immigrants especially) and poverty, but Obama’s job was really a veiled cheerleading routine to bring multiculturalism’s goals into the political process by empowering various immigrant groups.

I know it’s kind of tough to follow, but here is the post I did back in March about how the money flows back and forth between government, private foundations (including the one where Obama and Ayers worked) and the immigrant groups (note the Arab ones) in Chicago.  You will see that some of the money is flowing through refugee groups as well—groups that are fostering continued ethnic separation instead of assimilation into the greater American community.   

Believe me community organizers are not promoting special assimilation programs for immigrants about American history or holiday traditions in America, or how to be polite in supermarkets or on the highway.  This is flat-out political organizing paid for by you, the taxpayer.

Endnote:  Just this week a Saudi newspaper reported that they (Shariah government proponents) are pinning their hopes on Obama, the (Arab) community organizer.

Update:  More on Obama’s Saudi connections from Ken Timmerman here.

Update September 5th:  Iranians go ga-ga over Obama here.

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