Somalis in PA file workplace complaint, ho hum, so what else is new

I’ve gotta run but just came across this story today from Pennsylvania that involves Somalis, CAIR and a workplace that is not accomodating their religious needs. 

Three weeks ago, he and 17 other workers — mostly African immigrants and Muslims — walked out of a workplace they said was biased.

The 18 Crown Bolt workers — many of them immigrants from war-torn Somalia and Sudan — contacted the local chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Somali Community of Central Pennsylvania, which took the case to the commission.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission said it has filed a complaint against Crown Bolt on behalf of the workers. The complaint alleges that they were harassed and denied benefits on the basis of ancestry and religion, and that their religious practice was not reasonably accommodated, spokeswoman Shannon Powers said. She provided no details.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why businesses (is it all for the almighty buck?) keep hiring these people, and it makes you wonder even more why the US State Department keeps importing them.

See last week’s story on the same topic here.

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