I wonder if Malta’s illegal aliens have arrived in Colorado yet?

Last month I told you again that Somalis and other African Muslims are breaking into Europe by taking boats to Malta and asking for asylum. 

In this story about our Ambassador to Malta giving a tea-party send-off to a Somali family, the supposedly Somali ‘refugee’ says he is off to Colorado where a lot of black people live.    One of the funny parts about this story (besides the tea party) is that when you look at the photo of the illegal alien with his “new” wife, he doesn’t look Somali.

Greeley and other “welcoming” cities in Colorado, you have more refugees on the way.  And, they didn’t live in camps they came in boats, illegally, to Europe and they are flown to America—airfare thanks to the US taxpayer.

Go here to learn how many Somalis we have taken in the last 25 years.

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