Illegal aliens in Malta get US State Department tea party send-off

One of our faithful readers keeps asking me if we are in Alice in Wonderland.   Yup, Jim we are—tea party included.

We have written before about the tiny island nation of Malta and how illegal aliens from Africa arrive there by the thousands in boats every year, and are magically transformed into refugees (with all the perks) by our State Department and whisked off to a city near you.   But a tea party send-off!  From The Times of Malta:

… the mood at the US Ambassador’s residence in Attard, where the interview took place, is one of hope and optimism. Together with other refugees, Mr Isman is surrounded by his four children and second wife.

The siblings are happily playing with other young Somalis and Eritreans as well as Ambassador Molly Bordanaro’s children at a tea party held in honour of the group of refugees who will be leaving shortly for the US.

Welcoming the immigrants to ‘America’, Ms Bordonaro said she was proud to be hosting the Somalis and Eritreans at her residence and that they could soon complete the process of becoming US citizens.

In this lengthy article the Somali illegal alien describes how he planned to get into the European Union and travelled across Africa with his goal to ultimately reach Malta.  He hit the jackpot when he was admitted to the US.

He is also well aware that tiny Malta continues to grapple with more immigrant arrivals. Statistics show that nearly 2,000 illegal immigrants landed on the island this year, an all-time record.  [Edit: tiny island is struggling because the word is out, get to Malta and a plane ticket to US].

As with all asylum seekers who arrive in an EU state, Mr Isman was left virtually in limbo because to the Dublin Convention, which only permits immigrants to apply for refugee status in the first country they land on.

Mr Isman had no choice but to make ends meet and harbour the frustration until one day he realised his dream was turning into reality – together with his family, he was one of those selected for the US’s refugee resettlement programme with Malta.

He is on his way to Colorado where he says there are lots of “black people.”

Starting his journey to Colorado this week, he is hopeful that he will find it easy to integrate as there are “many more black people”.

I guess Ambassador Bordonaro forgot to inform him that American blacks and Somali immigrants aren’t getting along too well these days—no tea parties here.   And, by the way, check out the photo of Isman at the Times article, he doesn’t even look Somali, what is up with that?  Looks more like an Arab to me, or as a reader just suggested an Egyptian.

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