Tennessean makes Shelbyville residents look like hicks, implies Somalis unfairly maligned

Update August 25th:  More on this from Jerry Gordon at New English Review’s The Iconoclast here.

The Tennessean, the BIG city newspaper out of Nashville, TN has a “culture clash” story today on Shelbyville.  I guess it finally took the Tyson’s Labor Day fiasco to bring their attention to the unhappy goings on in Shelbyville since hundreds (thousands!) of Somalis have arrived there since 2002.  (Reliable sources tell us that The Tennessean may not have done its homework, depending only on the Imam’s word for extremely high numbers of Somalis).

Tyson’s 1,000 unionized employees include about 250 Somalis by Tyson’s count. That is a fraction of the town’s total Somalian population. By Yousuf’s [local Imam] count, between 2,000 and 3,500 of Shelbyville’s residents — or roughly 20 percent — are Somalian.

The article puts a great deal of focus on how nice the Imam is and how much the Somalis love Shelbyville and how the locals think the Somalis don’t use toilet paper, but only a few lines on what jumped out at me— The FBI has been to town:

But there were suspicions, including those of the person who called the FBI.

About a year ago, residents reported seeing Somalis taking pictures of the town’s water treatment facility, bridges around Bedford County and the home of a state legislator. The FBI came to town for two days, asking questions but ultimately making no arrests, Sheriff Randall Boyce said.

“I guess by them being Muslim, maybe there was some concern,” Boyce said. “And with how ugly things got after the stuff about the holiday come out, I think there are just a lot of people around that aren’t too happy that they’re here. Folks just don’t trust them.”

The FBI does not generally confirm or deny that it has opened or closed an investigation or responded to a citizen report, said Stacy Bohanan, a Chattanooga-based FBI spokeswoman.

“I can say that we are aware of the Somalis in Shelbyville,” Bohanan said.

Why would Somalis need photos of facilities and bridges?  Maybe just sending them home to Somalia for the relatives to see?

Also, the reporter is quick to say that a mosque has been burned in Tennessee, but not one word in this article about the Somali who committed a hate crime by going on a rampage near Shelbyville and attacking a woman in a Baptist church—after leaving the nice Imam Yousef’s mosque.  Hmmm!

Because the article is written in a way to ridicule local folks (too many lines devoted to toilet paper), here is the sort of comment the Tennessean is receiving:

I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it again…

The issue of immigrants with you rednecks has nothing to do with them being legally in the country or not. (as you constantly preach “if they come here legally, I wouldn’t have a problem with them”) that’s complete BS as you are proving right now. It has to do with COLOR. You hate them because they’re not white, whether they are here legally or not.

Why don’t you white-trash, trailer park rednecks just admit it? Why don’t you retards admit that you hate anyone that isn’t white? That’s what this is… it’s racism, pure and simple.

I read some really, REALLY stupid comments from you idiots everyday on this forum. It’s pretty sad that you rednecks are soooo afraid of another culture. That’s what racism really is… you’re SCARED of others cultures.

LOL@you white trash, trailer park rednecks constantly talking like keyboard commandos when in actuality you’re not more than little chicken-shts….

Don’t you just love these guys, while calling others racists he (she?) sounds bigoted as hell.  Guess he/she didn’t know that the Bedford County Mayor Eugene Ray is the first African American elected as a county mayor in Tennessee and he called for the Shelbyville Somalis to assimilate here.   And, notably the Tennessean has NOT quoted him, I suspect because it is counter to their notion that this is all about race and rednecks. 

Guess Mr. or Ms. commenter also doesn’t know that Somalis are clashing with black Americans in many cities in the US.   This is not about the COLOR of anyone’s skin.

Senator Biden wants more Iraqis to come to the US, and lies

Senator Joe Biden, senior Senator from Delaware and now Barack Obama’s VP pick, has been Senator Ted (anywhere but Hyannisport) Kennedy’s right hand man on opening the door for more Iraqi refugees coming to the US.   We reported on his previous activities here and here.

Earlier this summer Kennedy and Biden introduced a bill to force the White House to create a special position, a coordinator, to focus just on bringing Iraqis here.  As I have said on many occasions, the Iraqi displaced persons are all Bush’s critics have left to demonstrate how badly they believe the Iraq war was carried out.  In other words, to satisfy their bloodlust against the Bush Administration you will be getting Iraqi Muslims to your city or town thanks to Kennedy and Biden.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy today introduced a bill to establish a senior position at the White House to coordinate, develop and implement strategies to more effectively address the plight of Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons. Since the 2003 invasion, more than four million Iraqis have been displaced from their home or have become refugees. Senator Kennedy is Chairman of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Refugees.

The bipartisan legislation is sponsored by Senators Joseph Biden (D-DE), Chuck Hagel (R-NE), and Gordon Smith (R-OR), and was introduced on behalf of the Senator by Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid. U.S. Representative Howard Berman (D-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, has introduced companion legislation.

Note that they always say that the supposed millions displaced are the result of our “invasion” in 2003.  They never tell you that at least a million of the displaced were forced from their homes by the policies of Saddam Hussein.  And of course they never mention the inconvenient fact that some of those who high-tailed it out of Iraq were the bad guys.   Here is just one post where we addressed the Iraqis displaced prior to our arrival in that country.

Now here you have to laugh, in the very same article that Kennedy says there are 4 million Iraqis displaced by us, Biden puts the number at 5 million.

“As many as five million Iraqis have been displaced, the vast majority since the war began in 2003. American leadership is critical in providing the humanitarian assistance these people desperately need, especially since much of the international community considers this crisis the result of our intervention in Iraq,” said Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) [Edit.  So Joe, you can’t help set the record straight, you join right into the chorus singing the US is bad when you know the truth?]   “Because this leadership has been lacking, we are seeking an Iraqi refugee coordinator, reporting directly to the President, to manage the American response to the crisis and work with the international community towards long-term solutions. This is not just the honorable thing to do – we owe it to our Iraqi friends many of whom have risked their lives to help us.”

If anyone of these politicians or NGO’s would admit that we are not responsible for millions of displaced people and mentioned that Saddam Hussein displaced maybe more than a million who are still displaced, I would have some respect for them.  But they don’t; they lie and exagerate to make their political points in trying to convince the American public that the US is bad and should feel guilty and thus be airlifting Iraqi refugees from all over the Middle East to a city where you live.

And one last thing, in only a few minutes of research I found Biden saying in 2002 (BEFORE OUR “INVASION”) that Saddam Hussein had forced many Iraqis to flee to Iran.  Read about Biden’s policy suggestions for Iran here.

Iran has “a huge population of Afghan and Iraqi refugees,” Biden said.

Judy wrote about the Iraqis residing in Iran here.

Just a reminder, Homeland Security has identified 365 supposed Iraqi “refugees” with terrorist connections trying to get into the US.   See our post here.

See Biden the hypocrite here.


I love refugees, but not in my state: more on Biden

I have been convinced from the early days of writing this blog that there are some states that receive only tiny numbers of refugees, or none at all, for political reasons—some political machine assures that refugees are not resettled in their borders.  The three states receiving the least numbers of refugees are Wyoming, West Virginia and Delaware.   Arkansas is pretty low too.

Sometime back I called an office dealing with immigrants in Delaware and asked why Delaware’s numbers were so low since Senator Joe is such a big Senate supporter of more refugees.  I got some answer along the lines of “we don’t know, no volags bring them here.”   Seems to me that a state whose senior Senator is arguing for more refugees coming into the US (and was an original sponsor of the Refugee Act of 1980) would be deemed a “welcoming” state.

Just now I checked some numbers of resettled refugees.   I’ve chosen Maryland because I live here and it’s nextdoor to Delaware; and Rhode Island because someone will argue that ‘well Delaware is such a little state’.   By the way, Delaware is not a poor state as someone will surely argue West Virginia and Arkansas are.

Maryland has resettled 32,089 refugees from 1983 to 2007 (1323 in 2006 and 2007).

Rhode Island has resettled 7412 refugees from 1983-2007 (271 in 2006 and 2007).

Delaware had a grand total of 771 refugees in all those years (24 came in 2006 and 2007).  That number for 2006 and 2007 is actually down from the average number of refugees resettled in Delaware prior to 2006.  The average per year was 34 refugees.  The average for Rhode Island prior to 2006 was 325.    Of course, nextdoor neighbor Maryland resettled a whopping 1398 on average for those years up to 2006.

Go to databases here and see how your state compared to Delaware.  And, here is our archive on Joe Biden and refugees.  And see how Biden lies here.