Breaking news: ICE Raid in Mississippi largest in Nation

Update August 27th:  Here is a more detailed account of the raid.  I wonder if the illegal Germans are actually Turks or other ethnic minorities?

And, here, thanks again to Blulitespecial, is an article about local (Americans!) arriving at the plant looking for a job!  And, here is yet another about Americans looking for jobs at this plant yesterday.

 Later in the day on the 27th:  See news about the “ripple affect” here.  

And, the first eight illegal aliens went before a judge here.

The eight are facing the federal charges because they are accused of fraudulently using social security numbers, residency documents, and work-related forms. Most of the fraudulent identities were stolen, but at least one person’s identity was a dead person.

More from Blulitespecial:  Tensions between union and immigrants according to AP here.


Thanks to Blulitespecial for the tip.  ICE has raided a manufacturing facility in Mississippi and taken into custody 600 suspected illegal aliens. 

Federal officials say nearly 600 suspected illegal immigrants were detained in a raid on a manufacturing plant in southern Mississippi, making it the largest such sweep in the country.

Howard Industries of Laurel, MS also employed minors who are now in the hands of the office of Refugee Resettlement according to news reports.

Nine 17-year-olds were transferred to the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Why ORR— because it manages the federal Unaccompanied Immigrant and Refugee Minors program here.  That is a program not without controversy of its own.

Citizens of Rome, NY ask, can we afford more refugees?

Update:  I had forgotten all about the Delphi Technique until responding to a commenter at this post.  Go here and see how what happened at the meeting in Rome puts the technique on full display.  Judy posted this in advance of our meeting in Hagerstown, MD last September. 

Usually there isn’t a public meeting to discuss whether a city will take more refugees, the volags just bring them, so this article leads me to believe there must be problems afoot.   Either Rome has too many refugees already or word has come 20 miles up the road from Utica (the city that loves refugees) that everything is not sweetness and light in that city.

Just as in our city of Hagerstown, MD this time last year, the citizens’ main concern is economic, can our city afford it?

While many Rome residents welcomed the dozens of Burmese refugees who will be moving to the city within the next year, other residents expressed concerns Monday about the economic impact of such an influx.

With roughly 250 Burmese refugees expected to arrive in the community the four to five years ahead, Rome Mayor James Brown hosted a town hall meeting to discuss any questions or concerns people might have about their future neighbors.

And the first concern voiced by two city residents involved money.

Expressing what we found a common theme in Hagerstown, one citizen said,

“We can’t afford any more,” Russitano said. Later, he added, “It’s not who they are, it’s not what they are. What we care about is the economics, and economically it’s a challenge.”

It has nothing to do with the Burmese Karen people themselves, and by the way, they are Christians not Muslims.   But, people want to know why we don’t take care of our own impoverished people first. 

Notice when you read the article how the Mayor is promoting more refugees, perhaps he should talk with the Mayor of beleagured Ft. Wayne, IN, or maybe the Allen County Health Department.

And, one final thought, it’s disgusting to parade refugees into a meeting of this sort.  We flat out opposed the idea for the public forum in Hagerstown last September.  It’s embarrassing and demeaning.  Citizens are there for a serious public policy discussion about such things as finances, which could only make those refugees in attendance feel even more unwelcome.

Somali author in Norway blasts fellow immigrants

Update:  Gates of Vienna has more today on the problems in Norway with asylum seekers here.  Note at the end of that post there is list of GOV links for many recent posts on Norway.

Thanks to Janet over at Women Against Sharia for tipping us off to this story.   A Somali woman in Norway has written a book in which she says Somalis aren’t integrating into Norwegian society (no kidding!).   You have to give this brave woman a great deal of credit for what she has written because now she fears for her life.

A Somalian woman who came to Norway more than 10 years ago is harshly criticizing her fellow Somalian immigrants and Norwegian authorities. In a new book, she claims Somalians themselves don’t want to integrate into Norwegian society, and that Norwegian welfare programs make it easy for them to remain isolated.

The book written by Amal Aden, a pseudonym for the Somalian author, is already creating an uproar. Amal Aden wouldn’t use her own name because of fears for her own safety.

She claims that resistance to integration is widespread especially among Somalian men, who fear losing their culture and religion. Many are afraid of Norwegians and view them as infidels who can’t be trusted.

Likely she will be joining Ayan Hirsi Ali among the hunted.   Here is how it works, sound familiar:

In her book, entitled “See us!” (Se oss!), Amal Aden claims the Somalians also exploit the Norwegian welfare state and have many children in order to qualify for more welfare payments. Many couples also “divorce” under Norwegian law in order for the women to receive even more welfare payments as single mothers, only to continue to live under Somalian customs with their Somalian husbands and have more children, the author claims.

Then here is what I thought were the most telling lines in this whole article.

Abdulwahab (a Somali activist in Norway) has five daughters himself aged four to 14, but has sent them all to school in Kenya. Not, he claims, because Norwegians can’t be relied upon but because he wants them to get a good education.

What is going on here?  Why is he living in Norway if it isn’t a better place to raise his kids?  Why aren’t they all living in Kenya?  First, I suspect the girls are being kept from the corrupting influence of a free society and secondly, as much as many of you reading this  will want to tell me I’m crazy (or worse!), Somalis are not in the west to have a better life—they are the foot soldiers of the advancing Islamic Army.   

Go ahead, call me names and put your head in the sand.  No sense beating aroung the bush.  The arrogance and resistance to assimilation we read about with Somalis all over the country (the world!) is because they believe they are superior to us.  We are the infidels and they plan to populate western democracies and ultimately change Dar el Harb (a country at war with Islam) to Dar el Islam (a country where Islam dominates).

See our archives on problems with Muslim immigrants in Norway here.