Somalis getting pink slips in Postville—already!

VDARE on Agriprocessors, August 27th here.

More on Postville (August 17) thanks to Blulitespecial here.

Yesterday I told you about a puff-piece written by an Associated Press reporter and published in the Washington Times about how great the influx of Somalis to Postville, Iowa was going.   Blulitespecial gets a gold star for sending this link reporting that the bloom is off the rose already.

But, here is the more interesting part!  This article was published BEFORE the AP story was published in the Times.  The Times story appeared on the 11th and this article is from the Telegraph Herald of Dubuque, IA on August 7th.

What did I tell you, these mainstream reporters and editors don’t know about google!  Or, could they possibly have an agenda?

Here is what the Telegraph-Herald said on the 7th:

They have little else to do. The jobs that lured them to the small northeast Iowa community have vanished, and they are unemployed and unsure.

They are Somalis, and they are the newest cultural influx to the city claiming to be Hometown to the World.

Then here are a few interesting lines.  Note the Agriprocesors representative talks about how colorful the town is and how American (hummm).   And especially note the reference to whether all these Somalis are here legally.   Is there any question?   They all should have arrived here as part of the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement program.

On June 23, Barkadle [Somali from MN] packed his belongings and he and his son, Kamal Maqadin, drove to Postville. Maqadin was looking for a summer job to help pay college tuition. Barkadle wanted a home, and Postville’s cultural diversity seemed idyllic.

Abrahams [company management] said the company offered just that.

“It’s a very colorful plant and a colorful town, which is the true colors of America,” he said.

Although Abrahams does not know the specific number of Somali workers, the father-son duo estimated 350 people from their African nation descended upon the town. Most claim they are legal citizens, and Abrahams said the company has installed systems to ensure that employees are documented and eligible for employment.

The number of Somalis remaining in Postville is now estimated to be 150.  Maqadin has received his pink slip for no reason, he says.