So what’s up at the Hagerstown mosque?

Update:  Authorities are saying it was an “innocent mistake” but you still gotta wonder why they jumped from box in back yard to bomb.  Actually I’m kind of insulted to think they would jump to that conclusion in the quiet community where they are located.

Can’t find any mention of it on the news, but local residents report much activity around the Islamic Society of Western Maryland on Day Rd. in Hagerstown today.  Reportedly, Police, fire and two law enforcement helicopters arrived on the scene where a local resident told us that supposedly a bomb (or at least a suspicious package) had been found behind the mosque.

After investigating it apparently was determined, according to sources, that the mystery box (or boxes) contained items belonging to the mosque.  If that proves to be the case, here is what I would like to know, whatever possessed everyone to go crazy and spend what must be a fortune of taxpayer money to investigate some boxes?  Didn’t officials at the mosque know it was their stuff?  What was this all about?  And, will we hear the details in the Hagerstown Herald Mail or will the event be buried?

The Islamic Society of Western Maryland was involved in resettling Russian Turkish Muslims in Hagerstown about a year and a half ago and we mentioned the mosque here and here.

Alaska not a big refugee resettlement state

In light of Senator John McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a running mate, and out of curiosity, I just checked to see how many refugees have gone to Alaska since 1983 and the number is relatively small—just under a thousand.   Go here to check the numbers in your state.    The refugees who went to Alaska came from Iran, Afghanistan, and the former Soviet Union among a smattering of other countries. 

Compared to states like California, New York and Florida all of which have resettled hundreds of thousands,  Alaska’s numbers are tiny.

But, of course, smaller still are Deleware’s!   Just a reminder that Senator Biden, Obama’s VP, is one of the primary Senators who for 28 years has pushed for more refugees to come to the US, yet his state has taken only 771 of the millions who have come (on the taxpayers’ dime) here.