To Ft. Wayne: World Relief will not solve your problems

We reported just a few days ago that Ft. Wayne, IN is receiving way more refugees then it can handle.  Now comes news that World Relief (an evangelical Christian volag) will jump into Ft. Wayne to give Catholic Charities a hand.  I wrote about this volag “cat fight” here.   These volags are in competition with each other to get bodies to resettle in order to stay in business.  They are paid by the head to do the resettlement. Ft. Wayne is a “welcoming” city and they all want a piece of the action by bringing MORE refugees.

Baltimore-based aid agency World Relief announced this morning it plans to open an office by year’s end in Fort Wayne to help the city cope with an influx of refugees.

A statement from World Relief said the agency’s work will complement that of Catholic Charities, the State Department-approved local resettlement agency.

Chris Coen of Friends of Refugees reported this information on World Relief back in June.

I’ve been saying this for a year.  Ft. Wayne (if its leaders had any guts) could just say ‘NO’, we need a break and can’t afford any more refugees right now.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why elected officials here and in other overloaded cities are so gutless and allow the federal government (through these non-profit groups) to shove more people down the city’s throat.

Speaking of shoving things down throats, a representative of World Relief told Ft. Wayne folks:

“Refugees enrich our lives,” Pixley said. “They’ve overcome incredible hardships to get to the United States. They become our neighbors and our friends.”

But, News-Sentinel reader Beverly asked the all important question.  Why do we have multiculturalism shoved down our throats?

At the risk of being called a bigot or racist, I really question how refugees enrich our lives, become our neighbors and friends!! Perhaps in 3-4 generations they might assimulate to our American culture, but coping in the meantime is perplexing. For some reason our governing people seem to push multiculturalism and diversity down our throats and we have to pay for it. I am not cold hearted. For starters, I think the federal state department should hold refugees and before delivering them to a community, certify that they are free from contageous disease(s). This country was founded on the Judeo-Christian philosophy and I just do not see how we can cater to so many different religions!!

Way to go Beverly, you risked being called names!

P.S. Many of the refugees going to Ft. Wayne are family reunification cases.  I wonder if DNA testing will soon be done in other parts of the world, besides Africa, to determine if people really are related.