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Not really fishing, but both Judy and I will be away for a few days.   I have so many news items I would like to tell you about, but am now out of time.    Since we moderate our comments, please be patient because unless we happen to get the opportunity to be near a computer, they will have to wait until later in the week.

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More Iraqi refugees return home: NGO’s say “it is political”

Yesterday Reuters was reporting that another plane load of Iraqi displaced people left Egypt for Baghdad and home.  This is a good omen for the government of Iraq that is looking for its people to come back and re-build the country.  However, anti-war non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) are having a fit.

“It is political. The government wants to portray the situation as sustainably safe,” said Joost Hilterman, an Iraq expert in the International Crisis Group think tank.

I had to laugh.  Hilterman should know political when he sees it because he works for George Soros’ International Crisis Group.  I reported on them here just a couple of weeks ago.  Talk about political, check out who else is on their board besides Soros.    These guys are quoted as representing “think tanks” and the public doesn’t know any better.  These anti-Bush-anti-war-pro-grievance-America is bad NGO’s know full well that if they can portray the refugee situation as dire and unresloved that the Bush Administration will continue under a cloud into the Presidential campaign this fall and guess who benefits?

As always, we don’t want to downplay the danger Christian Iraqis are in, but Muslims have gotten their duly elected government and need to now get behind their country.   And, these NGO’s can stop whining.  As I have said before, America had its tough times in wars on our soil and I don’t recall hearing that large numbers scampered off to Europe or elsewhere to be taken care of.