Omeish resigns from Virginia Immigration Commission

Dr. Esam Omeish’s  tenure on a Virginia commission to address immigration problems in that state was shortlived when tapes of past statements supporting Jihad came to light.    Omeish is President of the Muslim America Society (MAS) an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Go to the Center for Vigilant Freedom here for the full story.

For readers in Washington County, Esam Omeish was on the front page of the Herald Mail on January 1 of this year speaking at a religious event at the Islamic Society of Western Maryland. 

Over 200,000 Muslim refugees have entered the US since the State Department began tracking their numbers in 1988.

A follow-up thought this morning (the 28th):  Note that the Herald Mail doesn’t identify Esam Omeish as the President of a national Islamic organization.  Where is the journalistic curiosity?

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