Illegal aliens become refugees–again!

Here we go again,  every modern country in the world is struggling with the illegal alien issue.   Unfortunately,  advocates of open borders everywhere have turned illegals magically into asylum seekers and refugees.   Where we have illegal aliens flooding across our southern border by foot, the Australians have them coming by boat from everywhere.  

In the most recent flap, Sri Lankans that had attempted to enter Australia illegally are kept at a detention facility on the island of Nauru until they can be sorted out.   Now 72 have been granted “refugee” status.    But, guess what?   There have been suggestions that Australia  pass them off to the United States!    By the way, the United States takes the largest share of refugees in the world.

“Australia is now exploring resettlement options in other countries for the Sri Lankans that have been assessed as being refugees,” he said.


Mr Andrews (Immigration Minister) played down suggestions the Sri Lankans could be sent to the US under a refugee exchange deal agreed to in April between Canberra and Washington.

I think the American public assumes refugees are families that have lived for long periods in squalid refugee camps, not men in boats who try to break into other countries.   See our earlier post about Malta’s illegal aliens being sent here as refugees.