Here they come: Malta’s illegal immigrants

     This is an update of our Malta post of July 16th.   This from Malta Media News today:

200 refugees in Malta will soon be heading towards the United States of America (USA), as the details of a selection process for the resettlement of refugees are in their final stages.

This development, unveiled by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Ambassador to the USA Molly Bordonaro on Thursday, follows May’s announcement that the USA government would resettle 200 refugees to help ease Malta’s illegal immigration burdens.

These are not refugees, these are Malta’s illegal aliens from North Africa who have attempted to get to European countries farther north, but only got as far as Malta.    Its like Mexico asking us to take some of their illegals from El Salvador who just never quite made it to Texas.

I wonder if we could work a deal.  We take 200 of their illegals and they take 200 of ours!

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