Muslim High school curriculum

      I’m speechless!  You will have to read about the Islam Projects curriculum to believe it yourself.

     Go here  and click on “Muslim Immigration to America” to see the lesson plans that are available for your public middle and high school students.    Yup,  I knew it, we are all a bunch of hate mongers.   First, we hated the Catholics, the Japanese and the Jews and now for no reason we have moved on to Muslims.

      The school year begins in just about a month, maybe you should check with your friendly local school board and see what’s in the lesson plans at your neighborhood school.

Find your state Refugee Resettlement Office

      Most states have a state Office of Refugee Resettlement funded in large part by the US government.   Find yours here:

     Contact your state office and get information about what is happening with refugee resettlement where you live.    And, if someone knows why Wyoming does not participate in the program, and how the state got out of it,  we would love to know!