Is this a good idea? Iraqi asylum seekers begin in-processing through Jordan

In light of the terrorist doctor crisis in the UK  (one of whom we understand is an Iraqi who sought asylum in Great Britain) is this a good time (is there ever a good time?) for the U.S. State Dept. to begin taking applications from Iraqi refugees in Jordan to resettle in the U.S.?

The Refugee Resettlement program has been abused throughout its history.  In the early 90’s Russian mobsters bought their way into the US through this program and even rich Kenyans passed themselves off as refugees.   

One might wonder also, if these supposed refugees had been so valuable to the US, why aren’t they staying to rebuild their country?  

Last week the State Dept. announced that it would be taking applications from  Iraqi asylum seekers in Jordan:

Fact Sheet                                                                    
Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration                                 
Washington, DC                                                                
June 28, 2007                                                                 
Resettlement Program for Iraqis in Jordan with U.S. Government Affiliations   
Iraqi asylum seekers in Jordan meeting the criteria listed below may be       
eligible for resettlement consideration under the United States Refugee       
Admissions Program (USRAP). Interested individuals may initiate their case    
directly with the U.S. Overseas Processing Entity (OPE) in Amman, Jordan, which
is operated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The        
following individuals (and their immediate family members) may seek access    
through this direct program:                                                  
  * Individuals who worked on a full-time basis as interpreters/translators for
    the U.S. Government or Multi-National Forces (MNF-I);                     
  * Locally Employed Staff (LES) engaged by the U.S. Government under the     
    authority of the Chief of Mission or the Coalition Provisional Authority  
  * Surviving immediate family members of interpreters/translators or LES.    
Individuals who believe they are at risk or have experienced serious harm as a
result of employment/association with the U.S. Government as described above, 
and wish to be considered for resettlement as refugees in the United States may
initiate a case with the USRAP by scheduling an appointment with IOM.         
Appointments can be made by calling the OPE at +962 6 590 2280 or by sending an
email to When sending an email to the OPE, please    
include the following required information:                                   
1.  Full name and date of birth of individual claiming association with the  
    U.S. Government;                                                          
2.  Full names and dates of birth of spouse and minor (under 21 years old)   
3.  USG association: Employer’s name (company name or U.S. Government  
    agency), job title, name of immediate supervisor, and dates and location(s)
    of service;                                                               
4.  Current location and contact information; and                            
5.  UNHCR registration number if available.                                  
Initiating a case with the OPE does not guarantee an interview for resettlement
in the United States. The first step in the process will be verification of the
claimed employment or association. Applicants will be notified by OPE once this
verification has been completed to arrange the next steps in the process.     
Registration for consideration in this program is free of charge to applicants.
Initiating a case with the OPE should not be considered a substitute for      
registration with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for      
Refugees (UNHCR). It is extremely important that all Iraqi asylum seekers     
register with UNHCR.                                                          

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