Burundis go to Burlington

Your tax dollars:   

  The Burlington Free Press reported today that more refugees are expected in Vermont soon.


(just checked this link – Oct. 11, 2007 – and it doesn’t work anymore, sorry)

About 20 Burundi refugees from camps in Tanzania have arrived in the Burlington area, and an additional 100 refugees could arrive in the coming months.


The largest refugee groups to come to Vermont in recent years are Somali Bantu, who resettled mostly in the Burlington area, and Meshketian Turks, who settled primarily in Barre and Waterbury. Under the resettlement program, refugees receive cash assistance while they get settled, as well as English lessons and help finding jobs and housing. They are also free to apply for welfare and public housing assistance.


Many of Chittenden County’s refugees live in Burlington and Winooski because the two municipalities are home to much of the county’s publicly subsidized housing and private market rental stock. Because of the housing patterns, Burlington and Winooski public schools educate the lion’s share of refugee children in the county.

Follow-up to Newsweek poll on Muslim immigration

     Today Robert Spencer published an article on Frontpage magazine entitled “Islamophobic or informed?”  in which he addresses the results of the Newsweek poll showing that 46% of the Amercian public think we have too much  Muslim immigration.    Spencer is the director of one of my favorite blogs, Jihad Watch.   His focus is on the security concerns of uncontrolled immigration from Muslim countries.    http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=29265

     Spencer authored an earlier piece (before RRW came into being) on Muslim immigration that should be read in conjunction with today’s article.  


     I see the threat to America as twofold.    First, is the immediate security threat that Spencer so clearly describes.   And, second is the longterm, bit by bit, accomodation we make to the Islamic faith and to those who practice it in its fundamental form.  

     Look around you:   Foot baths in Michigan public colleges to accomodate Muslim students at taxpayer expense, pork off the menu in public cafeterias,  special breaks at the workplace and in schools to allow for the Muslim requirement to pray five times a day, no alcohol or dogs in Minneapolis cabs driven by Somali drivers, and the list goes on.

     Here in Washington County “cultural” differences were blamed when Muslim women refugees would not carpool to their ESL classes with men not in their family.  Instead of saying to them, sorry you live in America now, other arrangements were made to accomodate them.

      Before we even realize it, we will bit by bit lose our American way of life.